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New shipment of IronGuard Below Ground Safes

Askwith Safe Company ironguard below ground safe
22 April 2014

We have just taken delivery of the new IronGuard Below Ground Safes. WE ARE OFFERING A SPECIAL INSTALLATION PRICE OF $850. Phone our office on (08) 9451 7848 for more details.

$10,000 recommended cash rating. Available in combination lock (or digital lock at an additional cost)

The IronGuard Below Ground Safe is an ideal way to hide away and secure valuables, cash and documents. They are a quality safe manufactured under the Ironguard name and is made of powder coated steel. It has a 3mm steel body and a 10mm plate steel lid. It has an easy grip stainless steel handle and a cover that fits flush with existing flooring for excellent concealment. The lock also has a re-locking device for additional security against attack.

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The new Chubbsafes AlphaPlus range has arrived

Askwith Safe Company chubbsafes alphaplus
31 May 2013

The Chubbsafes AlphaPlus range is a value for money quality safe within the Chubbsafes Elements range. It is well suited to the home or small office environment to secure smaller amounts of cash, valuables and documentation. With its quality construction and digital lock (with key override), its pricing will surprise you.

To purchase a professional IronGuard Below Ground Safe or Chubbsafes AlphaPlus in Western Australia, call Askwith Safe Company on (08) 9451 7848 today! 

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