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Discreet key security solutions in Western Australia
Key Hiders

Many of us like to leave a hidden spare key outside of our homes in case we get locked out. The trouble is, you are limited on good hiding places as a good burglar will know exactly where to look. Askwith Safe Company can supply a fantastic range of key hiders that won’t look out of place near your front door or around the outside of your home.

Key hiders conceal your keys and are designed to blend in to your outside surroundings of your homes across Western Australia. If you usually hide your key under your mat, stop that right now and invest in one of our safe and secure key hider products.

We help you make life hard for an intruder to locate your spare key, so you can rest easy day and night. You can choose between a large range of unique and cost-effective solutions that are guaranteed to keep those burglars at bay.

Our key hiders include:
Askwith Safe Company protectall key hiders
ProtectAll Key Hiders

At Askwith Safe Company, we understand that it’s sometimes necessary to keep a hidden key outside your front door. Whether it’s to allow a family member access...
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