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5 Signs Your Home Safe Needs Servicing or Repairs!


Your home or office safe is designed to do exactly what it says: keep your valuables SAFE.

However, much like your home appliances, your safe may need servicing or repairs over time to keep it functioning as intended.

A common misconception of home safes is that once you’ve made your purchase, it should last for years without any upkeep or maintenance.

While the kind of home safes in Perth you buy from Askwith Safe Company are durable, resilient and hardy, there are certain aspects of your safe that may need servicing or repairs – such as hinges and the locking mechanism.

At Askwith Safe Company, we’re here to dive into the top five signs that your home safes Perth needs to be looked at by a professional.

1. The Lock is Sticking

Just like the other locks around your home, your safe lock can begin to stick when you put in, pull out or attempt to turn the key or punch in the combination over time.

This can happen to traditional lock and key locks, as well as combination locks, and will generally require a professional and certified safe repairer to repair or replace the lock.

2. The Hinges Are Moving Less Fluidly

Hinges are an integral part of your safe, helping to keep your safe door securely shut.

If your hinges begin to malfunction and you put off getting your safe fixed, opportunistic thieves may prey on this weakness to gain access to your safe. Thieves often try to tamper with, torch, cut or bend the hinges instead of gaining access through the lock itself.

You should be able to open and close the door of your safe in Perth without any trouble, so tough hinges are a good indicator that your safe needs some maintenance.

3. You Need the Lock Changed

There are a number of reasons you might need to change the lock on your safe.

  • You lost your set of keys or had them stolen, which had the safe key on it;
  • Someone has learned your safe combination and you want to change it;
  • A person who once had access to your safe is no longer part of your life and you want to ensure they have no further access; or
  • You want to upgrade your lock from a key lock to a digital or combination lock.

Our team at Askwith consists of experienced safe locksmiths who can update your lock without damaging your safe.

4. The Safe Has Been Damaged

This actually happens more than you think! Sometimes, the damage can come from thieves trying to break into your safe, and other times, it could simply be accidental damage.

Other types of damage may occur if your safe becomes fire, smoke or water damaged.

A great way to avoid damage from Mother Nature is to purchase the right type of safe for your needs and environment. At Askwith, we stock a range of home and office safes, commercial safes, gun safes and more, which have varying design and safety features to keep your valuable items safe from fire damage. (Related Article: How to Get a Great Deal on Refurbished Safes)

5. You Can’t Get into The Safe

Sometimes your safe might be a little too good at keeping people out. At Askwith Safe Company, we help out many clients who have somehow been locked out of their home or business safe.

There are a number of common reasons that this might occur, such as dead batteries, a jammed bolt, issues with the wiring or even a time delay!

Regardless of the reason you can’t get in, you can rest easy knowing our team at Askwith CAN help.

Call Askwith Safe Company for Safe Repairs & Servicing

At Askwith Safe Company, we not only stock and sell the most reliable and durable safes on the market, we also offer our services for safe maintenance, repairs and servicing.

Keeping your safe maintained will not only keep your safe in the best condition – it will also save you from avoidable issues in the long run.

Contact our team at Askwith Safe Company today for a no-obligation quote on servicing, maintenance or repair for your safe in Perth.