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Chubbsafes vs IronGuard Safes vs ProtectAll Safes

chubbsafe vs protectall safes vs ironguard safes

Our team helps many businesses source a quality office safe in Perth, and Australia-wide. Looking for a secure safe by a reputable brand that meets your professional needs? Askwith Safe Company explains the technical elements, and why they matter.

Two and a half decades as renowned safe specialists mean we can be trusted to find your business the perfect commercial safe for your budget. Here’s why our experts recommend the following brands and models as leading protection solutions.


Askwith Safe company is sole distributor, and only authorised reseller of Chubbsafes in Western Australia. For centuries now, Chubbsafes has provided the world with leading innovations in protection solutions.

Chubbsafes offer domestic and commercial products. The brand’s performance reliability comes from consistently sturdy and powerful designs tested by international and independent accreditors.

Popular Chubbsafes models we offer include:

Chubb Deposit Container

Looking to keep documents or cash in a secure place? We find this model suits small businesses and retailers. The body is made with 8mm solid steel construction, and an electronic key or lock.

For many clients, the external width of 350mm and height of 270mm, combined with an external depth of 345mm is an attractive size, as it can easily integrate into the office, shop and business environment.

Chubb Duoguard Grade 1

A popular choice for office and retail clientele, offering certified resistance to burglary and fire. The Duolite new composite barrier material ensures dual protection, and reduces total weight.

This design has an array of option internal fittings to suit your business, and comes in a wide range of sizes. (Download the brochure for further details on testing standards met, and each size’s specifications.)

Chubb Omni Drawer Trap

Perfect for a work environment where depositing access is necessary without opening the safe, the provision of a Drawer Trap adds additional security. This way only one person requires full access to the safe.

Available in three sizes. Testing to the highest quality in its class against attack is a selling point. Features an electronic lock user programmed with a six-digit personal code, while the Drawer Trap has a Mauer key lock.

IronGuard Safes

IronGuard’s wide range of safety products are renowned around the globe for high quality protection performance. Askwith Safe Company offers an array of IronGuard safe models to meet your specific business requirements.

IronGuard Burglary and Fire Resistant Safe comes in various models and sizes with a door made of 10mm steel and 32mm locking bolts. If safe storage of Schedule 8 drugs is a must, the IronGuard Drug Safe meets regulatory requirements. (Related Article: Why You Should Consider Creating a Custom Safe for Your Business)

Protect-All Safes

Protect-All safes are a known reliable brand, with Askwith Safe Company the sole Australian distributor. For those wanting compact protection, the safes we offer from this range are easily concealed in the office.

We also address other day-to-day business needs with an array of Protect-All practical products. Speak to our team about a new car safe, electronic key cabinet, deposit container, key hider, or cash tin.

Askwith Safe Company, the office safe experts

Every business is different. From protection and budget to available space, your choice of office safe has to take numerous factors into account. Our safe experts work with you to pinpoint premium, high quality secured solutions.

The Askwith Safe Company team are always available for a consult. Reach out and we’ll get to work making sure your precious business items access various levels of long-term protection from burglary, fire, impact, and water damage.