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Safe Range

Home/Safe Range

Askwith Safe Company offers a wide range of new and second-hand safes for all needs and spaces. Our range of safes cover different duties – from domestic and commercial to data and record protection.

We are the sole distributor of Chubb Safes in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. They are known for their robustness, reliability and modern designs that incorporate technological innovations. We are also the only company that distributes Mutual, Rhino, IronGuard and Protect-All safes Australia wide.


Home & Office Safes

Floor or wall mounted, the home and office safes provide a shield from burglary and fire for your valuables that might include but are not limited to documents, jewellery, cash and even medication. Deposit containers, fire file safes, compact Viper safes and solid steel Protect-All safes are some of the choices.


Commercial Safes

There is a wide range of commercial safes you can choose from. We offer installation of vault doors with patented Chubb Safes barrier materials, Instavaults with 3 levels of security, deposit containers ideal for small retailers, counter units, data and file safes, high-capacity storage solutions for banks, cube safes and more.


Deposit Safes

Cash deposit safes are designed to provide secure storage of your cash. They allow anyone to deposit the cash by dropping the item into the slot while the safe remains secured with digital electronic lock. If your business deals with cash daily, using a deposit safe reduces significantly the cash register holdings.


Data & Document Safes/Cabinets

To secure your paper documents and digital data, use the cabinet safes that are designed to protect your business information from theft and fire. They have an extremely high fire protection design that keeps your belongings in the closed compartments safe, even if one of the drawers have been left open.


Gun Safes

You need a gun safe if you keep a gun or a rifle on your business or private property. That ensures you are storing your gun safely and out of reach. Good examples are the Pistol safe that incorporates anti-drill protection and the Protect-all gun safe compliant with Police regulations (when installed properly).


Drug & Pharmaceutical Safes

The drug and pharmaceutical safes are used for a safe storage of prescription drugs. In different designs and sizes, the range includes drugs cabinet (suitable for hospitals and doctor’s office), drug cabinet that complies with the Australian drug storage regulations as well as vault doors and several other safe options.


Key Cabinet & Cash Tins

Askwith Safe Company also provides businesses with key cabinets and cash tins. Are you a real estate agency or a hotel? If your business is handling many keys daily, keeping them in a key cabinet will prevent potential damages and theft from the properties. Cash tins are organised with different compartments to store bills, coins and receipts.


Second-Hand Safes & Filing Cabinets / Refurbished

As part of our services, we offer our clients second-hand safes and filling cabinets that have been serviced and are ready to be installed. A refurbished safe can be as reliable as a new one. Check our availability of commercial and home second-hand safes if you prefer this option or your budget is tight.

If you are not sure what is the best safe for your needs, talk to us and we will help you make the best choice!