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Why You Should Consider Creating A Custom Safe For Your Business

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It’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation when you need a business or executive safe. Quite often the sheer volume of items demands a customised safe be installed.

So whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking for drug safes in Perth, a firearms dealer or an executive with a sizeable Rolex collection, a little more thought (and quite often steel) is required to keep your valuables where they belong.

Exact Size and Specifications

Exterior and interior dimensions both share equal importance in a drug safe, jewellery safe or executive safe. The outside of the safe could fit your space perfectly but if the thickness of the walls isn’t properly considered, there won’t be enough internal space for the items you built it for!

An experienced safe builder like Askwith Safes creates a fortress that fits your exact needs. We’ve been asked to fill voids of all shapes and sizes. Unique dimensions, heights and volumes are all manageable.

Custom Functionality

Just as every business operates in its own individual way, business owners have particular expectations in a custom safe too. Perhaps you require lockable shelving within the safe so that only the owner or pharmacist can access certain items. Maybe dual access is required – at the front of house and the back office. The absolute beauty of Askwith Safe custom builds is every type of safe functionality or unique quirk is possible.

Enhanced Security

Installing a safe in a Perth business can mean many hands need access, but not to all things inside it. That’s where your safe can be multi-faceted in its security. Not only could you include a combination of key, dial and/or digital lock, you can ensure there is an individual entry code for separate sections and employees. We can even set up access to an audit so you can see who is opening your safe and when.


When you look at the time it takes to design and build a custom safe, InstaVault is ground-breaking – a comparatively quick solution with the protection might of Chubb behind it.

You get the choice of three security levels of panel thickness in a modular vault design. Installed by an Askwith expert, the steel panels lock together and can be adjusted, disassembled and reassembled as your needs change. It’s still a customised safe, with true flexibility and outstanding protection for high-value bulk assets.

Craft Custom Safes in Perth

A customised safe equals the ultimate in personalised protection. You have total control over the level of security, the size and shape of your safe and storage layout.

Askwith Safes is dedicated to precision safe design and building. We’re serious about keeping drugs safe in Perth and committed to ensuring an executive safe is fortified. We cover the entire security process from sales to installation, repairs and relocation. You make the choice, we’ll make it safe, so please call Askwith Safes today for more information.