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Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap safe

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To have a safe is like having insurance – you need to pay more if you want more protection. A high-quality safe has several benefits and provides better protection for the contents within.

Australians are often reluctant to invest in small home safes because they seem unusable and expensive. When you factor in items in your house that are valuable, such as jewellery, electronics, cash, wallets, passports, birth certificates, important legal documents etc., the costs can quickly mount up.

The protection offered by cheap hardware store safes is often inadequate, so it is crucial to avoid them. Due to the cheap internal locking mechanisms, most of these smaller, cheaper safes can be unlocked in less than a minute and do not provide any protection from fire or water.

Getting a safe for your home is like a long-term investment, and It is possible to purchase a good quality safe for as little as $500. You can add more security to your home by investing in a quality home safe. To ensure greater security, make sure your safe is bolted down. If you decide to move, the safe can be unlocked and the bolts removed to move to the new location.

Why Purchase A Small Home Safe?

There are several uses for safes in Perth and second-hand safes in Perth. Here’s how you can utilise them at home:

1. Safeguards and protects your sentimental valuables

2. Keeps important documents safe – protecting your important documents doesn’t guard you from identity theft but also from the costs of having to replace your documents.

3. Shields you from natural disasters and accidents – opting for water and fire-resistant small home safes can protect your valuables from unforeseen incidents.

4. Safes are a one-time investment in security and usually last a lifetime.


What To Consider When Purchasing A Safe?

Before you google “home safes for sale” and overwhelm yourself with immense information and suggestions, take a look at our small home safes buying guide.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before purchasing a safe Perth or a second-hand safes Perth:

1. Budget:

You need to set a budget for the safe. Opting for an extremely cheap safe will not be a good idea as they have bad quality and durability.

2. Dimensions:

Depending on where you want to keep your safe, you should check the external and internal dimensions of the place. Also, check the dimensions of the safe you want to get to ensure they would fit the place and have enough space to keep your belongings.

3. Locking Type:

This is purely based on your preference, whether you want a key, digital, or a combination of key and digital locks for your safe in Perth.

4. Safe Construction:

How the safe was constructed is an important consideration because there might be a possibility that you may need to fireproof or waterproof it.

5. Cash Rating:

This rating represent the maximum amount to which an insurance company will cover the contents of a safe.

A higher rating helps reduce insurance premiums.


Unfortunately, accidental fires are on the rise. You can use a fire-resistant safe to protect passports, birth certificates, property deeds, banking information, and other important documents in case of an emergency. It’s better to be cautious and prepare your house for any emergency.

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