Safe Delivery and Installation

When looking to buy a safe for your home or business, it is important to consider what additional services you will require. To be sure that your needs are met with understanding and your safe is taken good care of, it is better to trust a local safe company than to shop online. The benefits of that are in the professional safe delivery and installation as well in the further maintenance, servicing and repairs.


At Askwith Safe Company, after a safe purchase, we offer two options to our clients. We can have your safe delivered only or you can ask us to deliver and install it for you. The installation consists of bolting down your safe to ensure maximum security.

When you buy a safe from us, our sales representative will estimate the cost of the service you would like to use. Then you can book the safe delivery and installation, if needed, at a convenient for you time.


The bolt-down installation is recommended for all safes, regardless of size or weight, as it increases considerably their security. Using bolt down safe has several benefits. It prevents thieves of stealing the whole safe and using all the tools and time they need to break into it. If your safe is bolted to the ground (best option is concrete), this will limit their time and constrain them to work within your home or office.

The other, very important reason why your safe needs to be bolted is your own safety. This is true especially for the light-weighted safes that might tip over when the door is open. To prevent injuries and damages to the valuable contents of your safe, ask professionals to make a bolted down home safe installation for you. Bolted down installation is often required by most insurance companies too.

In case you don’t like the idea to bend down every time you need to open your safe, there is a way to prevent that. Ask a contractor to build a raised concrete platform or, if your safe is light-weighted, the safe can be bolted down to a sturdy shelf. Sometimes, the best option is to install wall-mounted or in-floor safe for better security.

If you have an existing safe that is not bolted down, make sure you take measures to improve its reliability. Calls us and one of our qualified Askwith Safe installers will come to bolt it down for you.


Askwith Safes is a family-operated company with offices in Perth, Western Australia and Adelaide, South Australia. Since 1997, we have delivered and installed safes and vaults across Australia and have a reputation for providing reliable services and quality products.

Our team includes exerts in their fields that have been working with us for many years. As a company with family-oriented culture, we understand your needs and are eager to find a solution for your problems.

Not sure how to protect your belongings and what are the best safe options for your circumstances? We will help you decide on the right safe, the appropriate delivery and safe installation.

Call us on (08) 9451 7848, visit us at 34 Kembla Way, Willetton or send us an email at Let us assist you with a safe installation that will give you peace of mind.