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How To Improve Home Security Before Going on a Holiday

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to go away. You need to pack, get your passport and spare cash from the security safe, arrange for kids and pets to be looked after, water the plants, check appliances are turned off…the list goes on. So, it can be easy for a simple […]


5 Signs Your Home Safe Needs Servicing or Repairs!

Your home or office safe is designed to do exactly what it says: keep your valuables SAFE. However, much like your home appliances, your safe may need servicing or repairs over time to keep it functioning as intended. A common misconception of home safes is that once you’ve made your purchase, it should last for […]


What to Look for When Buying Fireproof Safes in Australia

While people may fear the threat of burglary to important documents, items, cash and other valuables, the extreme weather Australia has recently experienced is reminder enough that mother nature can completely damage all these valuables and more in a matter of moments too. A durable fireproof wall safe or fireproof floor safe is an important and worthwhile […]


Askwith Safe’s Top 3 Recommended Office Safes

All businesses, big and small, should be concerned about how items such as important documents, files, photos and cash are stored within their building. The industry your office operates in will dictate the type of office safe in Perth you need – from a safe that is tool resistant to one that is specifically designed […]


5 Ways to Keep Jewellery Safe at Home

Your home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a sanctuary, a restaurant, and a place to display and keep some of your most precious belongings. It is difficult to think that someone could break in to your home, often while you are at work or on holidays, and steal the valuables you […]

Closing Time Changed

OUR CLOSING TIME HAS CHANGED, as from Monday 6th April 2020 we will be closing our office at 4pm. Ashwith Safe Company. Safes Perth and more secure storage products available. Speak to our sales team.


Retail Safety Tips: When an Employee Leaves

When an employee leaves your company or store, either on good or bad terms, there are a number of processes you need to follow to make it a smooth transition for both you, the ex-employee and the other employees still working. One of the most important parts of this process is ensuring the security of the […]


How to Choose a Good Quality Retail Store Safe

If just once in your lifetime a secure retail store safe proved the difference between peaceful sleep and months of nightmares, you’d be forever grateful. Well get ready to sleep a whole lot easier by following Askwith Safe’s golden rules for buying a good quality safe in Perth. Functionality Rule 1: Define what your store safe’s purpose […]


How To Improve Commercial Security

How Commercial Safe Can Help Your Business What do you know about commercial safes? Your livelihood depends on your business, so you need to ensure you are taking every reasonable step to keep not only the premises of your business secure but also your valuables, data and records safe. A commercial safe is a valuable and […]


How To Safely Store Guns

How to be a responsible gun owner As a gun owner in Australia, you need to understand what laws and regulations apply to your gun/s. Under the Firearms Regulations 1974 firearms and ammunition must be stored in a locked cabinet or container that is made of mild steel that is 2 mm thick and extremely secure so […]