Askwith Safe’s Guide to Buying a Home or Office Safe

Much like how you would keep your home under lock and key, your prized valuables are no exception. As such, having a durable safe in your home or office can be the best protective measure to ensure all your belongings remain in the right place you left them. For those who aren’t convinced, read on! […]

WA Medicine Storage Regulations

What is medication safety? Medication safety is a key government health initiative to support clinicians safely prescribe, dispense and administer appropriate medicines and empower patients to take control of their medication management. This is undertaken to ensure patients are being given the correct medicines and to improve the safety and quality of medication use in […]

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe and Secure at Home

Behind every door of every home, precious possessions and valuables sit on shelves, in handbags and sometimes, yes, even under pillows! So we thought it’s time to make it harder for thieves to steal our treasured belongings with some solid advice on home security. Security Doors and Windows Security screens for windows and doors are […]

Why You Should Consider Creating A Custom Safe For Your Business

It’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation when you need a business or executive safe. Quite often the sheer volume of items demands a customised safe be installed. So whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking for drug safes in Perth, a firearms dealer or an executive with a sizeable Rolex collection, a little more thought (and quite often […]

Why Storing Sensitive Documents Securely Is Important

What a modern, tech-savvy world we live in now. Strange thing is with every step we take to be more secure, the more threats there are to losing the documents and digital media that we hold most dear. That’s our cue to investigate the most up-to-date home and office safes in Perth, with tips on how […]

Choosing a Home Safe: What to Look Out For

There are more home safes in Perth than you might imagine. Chances are, your neighbour has one tucked away for the peace of mind a small home safe provides past the front door. So now that you’re thinking about installing one, what’s the right level of security for a home safe? Where on earth do you put […]

How to Get a Great Deal on a Refurbished Safe

To any astute buyer, purchasing a refurbished item means an immediate saving of money on something that works perfectly well again. But does the same go for a refurbished safe? Yes, it does. A new safe can set you back thousands, so why not be canny with your purchase and buy a good refurbished one […]

13 Essentials to Keep in Your Home Safe

Many people assume the most secure place to keep valuables is in a bank safe. After all, these safes have constant security and alarm systems protecting them. However, banks rarely insure these deposit boxes.On the other hand, home safes are often insured by renters or homeowners insurance. These safes also allow you to access important […]