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What you need to know about Fire Resistant Safes

fire resistant office safe australia

As leading Perth fire resistant safes providers, Askwith Safe Company prioritises quality protection. For example, we endorse a fire resistant safes based on exemplary brand and product performance.

Whether choosing a fire resistant cash free standing safe, fire resistant floor safe, or fire resistant home safe, general criteria must be met to guarantee superior securing of important items. Below are key questions to consider prior to your purchase.

What type of budget should I be looking at for a fire resistant safe?

What you place inside your safe will define the ratings/protection needed, and this is reflected in the price. Keep in mind, saving money on a fireproof safe could render valuables a melted mess if the internal temperature rises too high.

Askwith Safe Company’s team of safe specialists provide safes Australia-wide for commercial and residential properties. Our experts ensure clients make informed decisions when securing premium yet affordable protection for valued goods.

How do I know a safe is truly fire resistant?

In today’s market, a rating system known as UL acts as a popular and recognised guide. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, who provide verified certification. Some UL ratings can only protect certain items during a fire, so you need to take note.

The first number tells the highest internal temperature the safe will reach. The second number shows the hours the safe stays equal to or under that range. (For example, documents need a UL rating that promises conditions they can survive.)

Why does my insurance provider need to know the cash rating of a safe?

Fire isn’t the only threat to your belongings. Stopping theft is also a lead priority. Think of the cash rating as a reflection of the security level the safe offers, in the face of a determined intruder. This is why both UL rating and cash rating matter.

A few factors relating to the safe’s construction quality impact the cash rating. This rating then affects your insurance cover. Yes, higher cash ratings equal higher-priced safes — but the result is increased cover from an insurance provider.

What else should I keep in mind?

A client may be concerned about particular conditions in a workplace or location that could potentially increase damage to the safe, in the event of a fire. In these cases, further fireproofing protection ratings may be sought.

Such conditions include proximity to highly flammable chemicals, or falls from a notable height. Consult our experienced team about industry ratings that measure a fireproof safe’s performance during an explosion, or as a result of impact.

Any other key factors I need to watch out for?

Where the safe is being placed matters, and it’s worth considering delivery and installation needs. At Askwith Safe Company we offer Delivery and Installation services, as well as Safe Maintenance, Repairs, and Servicing.

Waterproofing is also relevant. While people often focus on fire threats, it only takes water from a flood, burst pipe or even the firefighter’s hose to create havoc. Our team can help you ascertain the level of waterproofing you’re likely to need.

Why we’re a preferred safe provider

As Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territories’ sole distributor of Chubbsafes — and the Australian sole distributor of Mutual, Rhino, IronGuard and Protectall Safes — we know people rely on our expertise.

For a quarter of a century, Askwith Safe Company has been providing Australia’s domestic and commercial safes. Let’s talk soon about the specifics of needing a safe in Perth or elsewhere. Our friendly team will recommend the best brand and model for your budget.

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12 Ways to Improve Security While You’re on Holiday

security safe perth

There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting ready to go away. You need to pack, get your passport and spare cash from the security safe, arrange for kids and pets to be looked after, water the plants, check appliances are turned off…the list goes on.

So, it can be easy for a simple security check to slip your mind. At least you can have peace of mind that your security safe in Perth is staying firmly closed – provided you remember to lock it after retrieving your passport!

That’s just one of the things included in our list of 12 things you can do to bolster home security, to enjoy your time away worry-free.

1.   Make the house look occupied

Burglars are going to bypass a home that looks lived-in. Leave the TV or radio on for short trips or use smart home technology to switch lights on and off. Even better, hire a house sitter so the house is occupied.

2.   Ask a neighbour or friend for help

Enlist a neighbour to keep an eye on your place. Give them a key and ask them to do things like take out the bin, collect your mail (see #4 below), park in your driveway and feed the cat.

3.   Store valuables in a security safe

When you pit a burglar against a home security safe in Perth, the safe is always going to come out on top. Burglars are opportunistic and haphazard; they’re not going to spend several days in your home trying (in vain) to crack a safe.

4.   Forward your mail

If there’s nobody to collect your mail, have it temporarily forwarded to another address. Pause any delivery subscriptions and attach a No Junk Mail sign to your letterbox.

5.   Check every lock

Go through your home and lock every door, window, cat flap, and garage door. Then go around again and double-check, and when you’re sure…

6.   Remove spare keys

Thieves know to check under mats, in plant pots, above doors and in the garden for spare house keys. Make sure you collect them all, even if you have somebody keeping an eye on the property.

7.   Post sparingly on social media

Don’t give thieves the heads-up that you’re away by posting on public channels. Save the holiday spam for when you get home in case the wrong person sees it.

8.   Install a home security system

Security safes are great for keeping valuables locked up. However, you might want to consider investing in a CCTV system or monitored alarm for added peace of mind.

9.   Put electronics on timers

If you don’t have internet-enabled devices, old-school timers work just fine. Schedule lights to come on around dusk and have the radio playing during the day to give the impression someone is home.

10. Unplug nonessential appliances

If you’ve ever had the thought of “did I remember to turn off the iron?” then this point needs no further explanation. It’s a small action with big benefits.

11. Clear gutters and drains

The weekend before you leave, do a little DIY by clearing dead leaves from the gutter. Although the chances of a spontaneous fire are slim, it’s one less thing to worry about on holiday.

12. Keep the garden tidy

Consider booking the lawnmower to visit if you’re planning to be away for a while. Ask a friend to drop by and water your plants, or book a landscaper to do it all at once.

Use this as a checklist before your next holiday, work trip or weekend away from home. It also works if you need to lock up the office for a while or keep a business secure (for example, in the event of another lockdown).

And if you need a new, upgraded or relocated solution to stash your most valuable possessions, call Perth’s security safe experts at Askwith Safe Company.

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5 Signs Your Home Safe Needs Servicing or Repairs!


Your home or office safe is designed to do exactly what it says: keep your valuables SAFE.

However, much like your home appliances, your safe may need servicing or repairs over time to keep it functioning as intended.

A common misconception of home safes is that once you’ve made your purchase, it should last for years without any upkeep or maintenance.

While the kind of home safes in Perth you buy from Askwith Safe Company are durable, resilient and hardy, there are certain aspects of your safe that may need servicing or repairs – such as hinges and the locking mechanism.

At Askwith Safe Company, we’re here to dive into the top five signs that your home safes Perth needs to be looked at by a professional.

1. The Lock is Sticking

Just like the other locks around your home, your safe lock can begin to stick when you put in, pull out or attempt to turn the key or punch in the combination over time.

This can happen to traditional lock and key locks, as well as combination locks, and will generally require a professional and certified safe repairer to repair or replace the lock.

2. The Hinges Are Moving Less Fluidly

Hinges are an integral part of your safe, helping to keep your safe door securely shut.

If your hinges begin to malfunction and you put off getting your safe fixed, opportunistic thieves may prey on this weakness to gain access to your safe. Thieves often try to tamper with, torch, cut or bend the hinges instead of gaining access through the lock itself.

You should be able to open and close the door of your safe in Perth without any trouble, so tough hinges are a good indicator that your safe needs some maintenance.

3. You Need the Lock Changed

There are a number of reasons you might need to change the lock on your safe.

  • You lost your set of keys or had them stolen, which had the safe key on it;
  • Someone has learned your safe combination and you want to change it;
  • A person who once had access to your safe is no longer part of your life and you want to ensure they have no further access; or
  • You want to upgrade your lock from a key lock to a digital or combination lock.

Our team at Askwith consists of experienced safe locksmiths who can update your lock without damaging your safe.

4. The Safe Has Been Damaged

This actually happens more than you think! Sometimes, the damage can come from thieves trying to break into your safe, and other times, it could simply be accidental damage.

Other types of damage may occur if your safe becomes fire, smoke or water damaged.

A great way to avoid damage from Mother Nature is to purchase the right type of safe for your needs and environment. At Askwith, we stock a range of home and office safes, commercial safes, gun safes and more, which have varying design and safety features to keep your valuable items safe from fire damage. (Related Article: How to Get a Great Deal on Refurbished Safes)

5. You Can’t Get into The Safe

Sometimes your safe might be a little too good at keeping people out. At Askwith Safe Company, we help out many clients who have somehow been locked out of their home or business safe.

There are a number of common reasons that this might occur, such as dead batteries, a jammed bolt, issues with the wiring or even a time delay!

Regardless of the reason you can’t get in, you can rest easy knowing our team at Askwith CAN help.

Call Askwith Safe Company for Safe Repairs & Servicing

At Askwith Safe Company, we not only stock and sell the most reliable and durable safes on the market, we also offer our services for safe maintenance, repairs and servicing.

Keeping your safe maintained will not only keep your safe in the best condition – it will also save you from avoidable issues in the long run.

Contact our team at Askwith Safe Company today for a no-obligation quote on servicing, maintenance or repair for your safe in Perth.

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What to Look for When Buying Fireproof Safes in Australia


While people may fear the threat of burglary to important documents, items, cash and other valuables, the extreme weather Australia has recently experienced is reminder enough that mother nature can completely damage all these valuables and more in a matter of moments too.

A durable fireproof wall safe or fireproof floor safe is an important and worthwhile investment to ensure your valuables are protected from opportunistic thieves, from accidental damage and from mother nature herself.

We know a thing or two about buying safes in Perth.

Read on to find out the important qualities to consider when buying your new fireproof wall or floor safe.

Ability to Resist Extreme Temperatures

Did you know that house fires reach an average temperature of around 600°C? Depending on the accelerants in the fire and other factors, some fires may even be hotter than this.

As such, when you are looking for a fireproof wall safe, Askwith Safe Company recommends you look for a safe that is heat resistant to at least 843°C.

Internal Temperature Rating

It is important to review the internal temperature ratings on any fireproof wall safe that you enquire about to ensure it is appropriate for the various items you plan to store in it.

While the outside of your safe may be highly heat resistant, the documents and other valuables inside may not be adequately protected, causing them to combust when the heat becomes to extreme. So even if you opt for a safe with a high temperature rating, the inside of the safe may not have sufficient insulation and protection against those extreme temperatures.

Knowing what items you will be storing in the safe is key to making a choice, as items such as documents may withstand more external heat than hard drives or other digital media.

Industry Ratings

There are other ratings you can refer to in order to find the most suitable safe for you. These ratings are provided through various industry bodies and include ratings such as the amount of time a safe can withstand fire exposure, the type of explosion a safe can survive and the level of impact stress it can endure.

Time ratings generally start at 30 minutes and may extend up to 120 minutes or more. The team at Askwith Safe Company recommend opting for a safe with at least 60 minute fire rating.


From one extreme to another, it is also important that you choose a fireproof floor safe or wall safe that is waterproof in case of flooding or other water damage.

All homes and businesses should be aware of their flood risk, especially because 1.3 million Australian homes have a flood risk rating!

The level of water protection you need will depend strongly on the area that you live in; if you live in an area with a high flood risk, it makes sense to invest in a safe that has a high water protection rating.

Cash Rating

A cash rating refers to the general security of the safe in a burglary-type situation. Safes that have a cash rating have undergone testing, where they have been broken into under specific conditions and are marked on their resistance to the break in.

Factors that are assessed as part of cash ratings include:

  • What materials the safe is made from
  • What barrier materials have been used to reinforce the door and walls on the safe
  • The quality of the locking mechanism and the type & quantity of the locks on the safe
  • The type of re-locking devices used to prevent forced entry.

If you are hoping to store valuable jewellery, cash and important documents in your safe, you should look to purchase a safe with a higher cash rating ie. $50,000 – $500,000 depending on your circumstances.

Reliable Fireproof Wall Safes in Perth and Adelaide

Don’t leave the protection of your valuables to chance – trust the team at Askwith Safe Company to help you find the right fireproof wall safe or floor safe for your needs.

Askwith stock a range of fireproof floor and wall safes to suit your budget and circumstances, with a passionate team of experts ready to lend a hand or advice on what is best for you.Contact Askwith Safe Company today to protect your valuables with a reliable, durable and fireproof safe.

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Askwith Safe’s Top 3 Recommended Office Safes


All businesses, big and small, should be concerned about how items such as important documents, files, photos and cash are stored within their building.

The industry your office operates in will dictate the type of office safe in Perth you need – from a safe that is tool resistant to one that is specifically designed for depositing large amounts of cash – so it is important to do your research and ask the experts about the type of safe your business needs.

At Askwith Safe Company, we have narrowed down our top three highest quality, most effective brands of office safe in Perth and broken down the various types that may suit your office environment.

1. Chubbsafes

Chubbsafes are “trusted the world over” and it is easy to see why, with a wide range of reliable, sturdy, affordable and secure safes.

At Askwith Safe Company, we are the only authorised reseller of Chubbsafes in Western Australia, so you know that you can trust our team to give you the best Chubbsafes products and best advice on their range.

Three of the office safes we recommend for Perth offices include the Deposit Container, Duoguard and Omni Drawer Trap safes.

Deposit Container

As the name suggests, the Deposit Container is designed to be a secure safe for cash deposits, which is ideal for small businesses who need to secure documents or cash within their business.

The safe features 8mm of solid steel construction to offer the protection you need, with the choice of an electronic or key lock for convenience.


The DuoGuard range is the perfect option if you need to store a number of items safely from burglary and fire threats in your office.

The DuoGuard office safe comes in five sizes, from a small 62 litre capacity up to a brilliant 443 litre capacity, making it an ideal choice for both small and large offices. The safes also come with optional internal fittings, including:

  • removable shelf;
  • extendable shelf;
  • lockable drawer;
  • lockable compartment;
  • extensible tray; and
  • file frame

For those who have read our previous blog about What to Look for When Buying a Fireproof Safes in Australia, you’ll be glad to know that the DuoGuard range has been certified to protect paper documents for one hour in the event of a fire.

The DuoGuard range can be fitted with either a high-security electronic lock or a key lock, while some of the models can also come with a dual lock capability.

Omni Drawer Trap

Chubbsafes Omni Drawer Trap is a brilliant safe for office and retail environments where persons within the business need access to the safe to make deposits without the need to open the safe.

This safe comes in three sizes and offers a number of security features to keep your items safe and secure, including:

  • A 10mm solid steel door;
  • A drawer trap, which provides additional security;
  • A $25,000 cash rating; and
  • Being secured with a key lock, with the option for a second lock to be fitted.

2. IronGuard Safes

IronGuard Safes are another brand who create strong, resilient office safes that are manufactured to the highest security standards.

At Askwith Safe Company, we are big fans of the 32-D, 62-D and 62-C safes for use in an office environment. The IronGuard products are made with high density concrete, encased in steel, making them highly resistant to both thieves and fires.

The 32-D model is 335mm(h) x 440mm(w) x 355mm(d), making it a great option for a small office safe in Perth, while the 62-C & 62-D models are much larger, designed for use in cupboards. The 62-C and 62-D models are 628mm(h) x 410mm(w) x 357mm(d), offering adjustable shelving and enough space for all your office valuables.

3. Protect-All Safes

Protect-All Safes round out our trifecta of brilliant brands who offer office safes in Perth, in fact, we are the sole distributer of Protect-All Safes Australia-wide!

The range of Protect-All Safes do as the company’s name suggests – they protect all. These safes are constructed with a 2mm solid steel body and 3mm solid steel door, which is highly resistant against hand and mechanical tool attacks.

At Askwith, we offer three types of Protect-All Safes, which are all on the smaller side – perfect for keeping concealed in your office. The smallest safe is the PA-20K, which has an 11 litre capacity, while the largest safe, the PA-35 LCD LT has a 44 litre capacity.

Trust Askwith Safe Company for your Office Safe in Perth

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Askwith Safe Company are the name you can trust with your office safe in Perth.

We are committed to helping you find the right office safe solution for your business, whether you are looking for a safe to secure any cash deposits or a safe with a large capacity for storing larger or more significant items.

Secure your office safe in Perth with us today – contact the Perth team at Askwith Safe Company today on (08) 9451 7848 for more information.

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5 Ways to Keep Jewellery Safe at Home


Your home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a sanctuary, a restaurant, and a place to display and keep some of your most precious belongings.

It is difficult to think that someone could break in to your home, often while you are at work or on holidays, and steal the valuables you have worked hard for or been gifted.

So what can you do to keep your jewellery safe in your home?

One way is by using a safe to store your jewellery – we’ll touch on this more in point five below. You can pick up used jewellery safes at Askwith Safe Company, Australia’s trusted provider of secure home safes.

Security Cameras & Alarm Systems

Investing in security cameras for your home works as both a deterrent to would-be thieves and a means of catching them if they are brazen enough to break in.

There are a number of security camera systems on the market these days that are affordable and even connect directly to your smartphone, so you can check on your home while you are on holidays or just out at the shops.

These security cameras can also be hooked up to a security alarm system to give you greater protection, as a security system can alert you to a break in or movement within your home when you’re not there, while the camera system gives you footage than can be used as evidence against the perpetrator.

Don’t Flaunt Your Valuables on Social Media

If you’ve recently had a birthday, received a beautiful piece of jewellery or you own a considerable collection of valuables, it is important to avoid flaunting them on social media to the masses.

Unfortunately, social media is a great way for thieves to find out what valuables you may have in your home, when you might be home or at work and when you might be on holiday; giving them the perfect time to pay your home a visit and a list of valuables to look for. (Related Article: 12 Ways to Improve Security While on a Holiday)

Tip: We also suggest that if you receive jewellery or valuables at Christmas or around Valentine’s day, that you avoid putting any bags or boxes from the jewellery in your bins outside your home. Opportunistic thieves can also use these boxes to find out what you may have received and subsequently, what may be inside your home.

Take Out Insurance

Unfortunately, theft does happen, as does accidental damage and loss as a result of fire and other tragedies. If the worst happens, you want to know that you are covered financially for the loss.
Taking out an insurance policy to cover your jewellery and other valuables in your home won’t stop theft from happening, but it will give you peace of mind that from a financial sense, you are covered for any loss.

Hide Jewellery

This one is a bit of a no-brainer really. If you have expensive and precious jewellery, we understand you may want to have it on show so you can appreciate it, but we urge you to consider hiding your jewellery in creative places or buying a used jewellery safe.

Hiding jewellery out of sight often isn’t enough – thieves tend to find the easy hiding spots. Consider hiding jewellery and other precious items in creative spots such as in a fake bottom of a potted indoor plant, inside an old coffee mug at the back on your cupboard or even in an old sock at the back of your underwear drawer.

Just don’t forget where you’ve hidden them!

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Retail Safety Tips: When an Employee Leaves


When an employee leaves your company or store, either on good or bad terms, there are a number of processes you need to follow to make it a smooth transition for both you, the ex-employee and the other employees still working.

One of the most important parts of this process is ensuring the security of the store is not compromised.

As an employee of yours, retail store employees become privy to some pretty important information, such as security codes, the location of the retail store safe and the codes associated with it.

In order to maintain the security of your store, it is important to follow these three simple steps each time an employee leaves your store.

1. Make Sure They Give Their Key Back

While some retail stores may simply have security codes to access the store, others rely on a lock and key system for access. If this is the case, each employee is generally given their own copy of the access key to the store.

However, you should ensure that these keys are “no copy” keys so that they cannot be replicated and so you are aware of exactly who has access to the store.

When an employee leaves, make them aware that is a requirement that their key is returned before they finish their final shift. In the case that an employee claims to have ‘lost’ their key, you should contact a locksmith immediately to change the locks on the store.

2. Change or Remove Security Codes & Logins

As painful as it may be to change your stores security codes and logins with each employee who leaves, it is an important step to take. These codes give an employee, and anyone they share the codes with, access to your store, to money and to priceless information within your retail store.

Some important codes to change include:

  • codes to the alarm system
  • codes to the door (if it is a coded door)
  • any other systems you use, or logins to your systems – such as computers, POS systems etc.

These codes should be changed as soon as the employee has completed their last shift with your store to ensure they cannot gain any further access.

3. Change the Retail Store Safe Code

If the employee had a role that handled cash and required access to the safe, it is vital to change or remove the retail store safe code they were given. It is also important to find out whether they had created a separate code to the retail store safe.

To be sure that access to the retail store safe remains secure, it may be worthwhile changing the master store code each time someone with access leaves your store.

Contact Askwith for Retail Store Safes You Can Count On

When an employee leaves, there is much more to do than to just provide a reference or to ask them to hand back a uniform; the security of your store and the safety of your employees should be a paramount concern.

At Askwith Safe Company, we are committed to keeping your store’s valuables safe with a range of retail store safes to suite your needs. As part of our service, we also undertake safe relocations, delivery & installation, maintenance, repairs and servicing.

If you’re looking to upgrade your retail store safe, contact Askwith today for a range of commercial safes that are designed with security at the front of mind.

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How to Choose a Good Quality Retail Store Safe


If just once in your lifetime a secure retail store safe proved the difference between peaceful sleep and months of nightmares, you’d be forever grateful. Well get ready to sleep a whole lot easier by following Askwith Safe’s golden rules for buying a good quality safe in Perth.


Rule 1: Define what your store safe’s purpose is.

What are you protecting and from what? Commercial property deeds? Cash? Every safe is built differently to protect against various threats, so know what’s going inside it and whether you’re protecting it from burglary, fire or internal threats.

Next, where is the safe is to be located, and we don’t mean on a shelf or freely sitting under a table! If it’s not bolted down, it’s not a proper functioning safe. It could be best under the floor, in a cupboard or in a wall if it’s a drop box.

Functionality also means room to grow. Look at the amount of items you want to store in your safe and then shift up to the next size. You’ll thank us in 10 years’ time!

(See Also: Chubbsafes vs IronGuard Safes vs ProtectAll Safes)

Security of your Retail Store Safe

Rule 2: The security level of your safe must match the importance and value of your items.

Paper burns. Cash and jewellery generate more intent to steal. The security of the items within your safe could be compromised if you don’t choose the strongest safe now.

Some cheap hardware store safes have lasted just minutes in successful cash robberies, so to secure tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll need a quality built safe. If you’re about locking away the keys to the forklift and petty cash, spending less may be an option.

When opening your safe, there are a number of secure options. Time delay locks, like the ones used in banks, are a perfect solution when storing large amounts of cash. Other locking combinations can be digital, mechanical dial and dual key and combo locks.

(See Also: How Safe Are Your Valuables)


Rule 3: Make the safe easy to operate and access.

How easy is it to get to your safe? A safe in the floor may restrict you when reconfiguring an office. Think about height restrictions, safety in accessing and privacy. You don’t want unwanted attention if you’re openly visiting a safe a number of times a day.


Rule 4: Make maintenance simple and cost effective.

Everything with moving parts needs a service. Maintain your safe and chances are you’ll bequeath it to your grandchildren.

A safe needs a check-up every five years or so. If something is not working as it should, promise you’ll call us straight away. Promise! If you struggle with a faulty safe, history tells us that we’ll be struggling to break into your faulty, beautifully locked safe instead of servicing an open door. Promise?

Find Quality Retail Store Safes in Perth

So you have some valuables. You know where they’re to be locked up and who’ll have access to them. Now let us get cracking on the security. At Askwith Safes, you can choose between five leading safe manufacturers, all with ultimate protection for documents, precious jewellery, cash and anything else you hold valuable.

Quite simply, we have the strongest safes in Perth for the most secure of jobs. A call today will make a safer tomorrow.

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How To Improve Commercial Security


How Commercial Safe Can Help Your Business

What do you know about commercial safes? Your livelihood depends on your business, so you need to ensure you are taking every reasonable step to keep not only the premises of your business secure but also your valuables, data and records safe. A commercial safe is a valuable and important investment for you and your business. It provides a secure place to keep your valuables and safes do not only guard against theft, but also fire. However, as different types of safes boast different features and specifications, it’s important to pick the best commercial safe for your needs and to do this you will need to consider what you will keep in your safe.

Fire and thief protected

Safes in Perth need to come equipped with various features, and because of this they will need to be built differently. Some safes will be protected against fire and others protected against thieves. A fire-resistant safe is designed to stop the fire from affecting the contents inside the safe, however they generally have little theft resistance.

Whereas theft resistant safes are designed to protect the contents of the safe from being stolen. There are also safes which have both features to protect your business’ valuables from thieves and the elements. (Also Read: What You Need to Know About Fire-Resistant Safes)

Cash Rating

When researching which safe will be most suited to your business, you will come across a rating called a cash rating. This rating tells you the safe’s level of security and how much cash an insurer will cover, when it’s kept in the safe.

Types of commercial safes

There are three main types of commercial safes. These are cash-handling safes, media/data safes and storage safes.

Cash-handling safe

Cash-handling safes are made for cash-handling purposes. Askwith Safe Company offers a wide range of cash-handling safes, some which are small enough to sit on a table (Deposit Container) and others which can stand alone and boast combined fire and theft protection with a $100,000 Cash Rating (Europa GIII).

Media/data safe

Media/ data safes are used to protect computer files, film and photos. However, as these types of files and valuables are now often kept in an offsite facility, this type of commercial safe is not as common as it used to be, however media/data safes are still available from the trusted Askwith Safe Company.

Storage safe

Storage safes are deigned from basic steel construction and will have varying fire and theft deterrent ratings, depending on what you want to store in your commercial safe. However, most safes would have a fire rating of up to two hours.

Get in contact with Askwith Safe!

With over 20 years in the industry, Askwith Safe Company provides safes Australia wide. Their team will help you choose the most suitable safe for your business to make sure your valuables are kept secure from potential thieves and fire. You are in safe hands when you buy from Askwith Safe Company.