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How To Open a Combination Safe Lock Like a Locksmith

Combination Safe Lock

Commercial safes are useful for keeping all kinds of valuable, sentimental, hazardous and mission-critical thing secure. In fact, they’re so good that if you forget the combination to your safe, getting access can seem impossible.

It’s not – if you happen to be a highly experienced commercial safe locksmith. Cracking a safe is no easy feat, but we do have a few techniques at our disposal to retrieve your valuables without resorting to Hollywood tactics.

(Spoilers: it’s not as easy as putting your ear to the safe and turning the knob, and we’re not going to blow your safe sky-high to open it).

Why a commercial safe isn’t opening

Forgotten code or lost key

It happens to the best of us. Codes disappear from our heads and keys go missing. This might be the most common reason a safe won’t open. Digital safe locks will shut you out after too many incorrect attempts, where a mechanical safe simply won’t budge.

If you forgot the code and the safe is closed, a locksmith will first try to pick the lock. This requires experience and patience because getting it wrong can cause irreparable damage.

If the safe is locked open, then you’re in luck. A commercial safe locksmith can help you find the code and set a new combination or install a new safe to move your valuables.

Mechanical fault

Did you forget to schedule maintenance on your safe? Jammed bolts and frozen lock mechanisms are a frustrating problem arising from poor servicing or physical damage.

Even the right code won’t help you here, unfortunately. But by calling a locksmith, you can get the safe open and serviced at the same time if there is no lasting damage to the lock mechanism.

Unknown codes

Bequeathed, inherited and discovered safes are always an interesting case. Sometimes the person bequeathing the safe may be thinking about what’s inside, not how to access it – and they forget to pass on the code.

Provided you can prove ownership (more on that below) and the safe is relatively undamaged, a locksmith should be able to get it open for you.

How to open a locked safe

Attempting to pick a commercial safe lock without the right training, experience and tools is a recipe for disaster. Not only will the task prove fruitless, but the risks of damaging either the locking mechanism or contents run high.

Professional safe locksmiths like Askwith Safe Company use specialist tools to open locked safes. We are in contact with the manufacturers and highly experienced with the different brands, lock mechanisms, digital lock systems and common faults.

Picking, cutting, drilling and scoping

Our preference is to gain access with non-destructive lock picking. This is much simpler with small safes brought to our Perth or Adelaide locations, however we are happy to come to you anywhere around Australia for lock picking on commercial safes.

If picking is pointless, we may attempt to cut or drill through the lock mechanism. Keep in mind your lock will need to be replaced, if not the entire safe. Sometimes a small drill hole can be used to insert a borescope, which allows us to find a solution by looking inside the lock.

What information you need to collect

Is your commercial safe locked, jammed, or unresponsive? Before you call Askwith Safe Company to come out and work our magic, you will need to get a few things together:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Warranty information
  • Safe make and model
  • Lock size
  • Details of attachments (to the floor, wall etc)
  • Previous combinations
  • Service history

Once you have all the details you can reasonably find, call us to arrange a visit from the most reliable commercial safe locksmiths in Perth and around Australia.

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Four Reasons Why Gun Safes Are a Must-Have for Owners

Perth Gun Safes

Owning a gun has become a hobby for many individuals. However, it has also become a means to protect their family in case of danger. If an intruder comes to your house, you will want to make sure that you are ready to defend against them and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Although having a gun at home can increase safety, it also becomes a danger to any family when it isn’t stored properly. Keeping firearms out of reach of family members and friends is just as important as protecting them when intruders come. This is where gun safes come into play.

Here are four quick reasons why gun safes in Perth are a must-have for owners.

Gun Safes Keep Firearms Out of Reach

Your top priority when owning a gun is the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Having a police regulation-compliant gun safe lets you protect your family and valuables from accidental harm.

At Askwith, we install home gun safes for Perth residents. We can provide you with law-compliant gun safes to ensure that your firearms stay locked away safely. Our products also guarantee that your guns are secure from kids who could accidentally get their hands on them.

Protection Against Gun Theft

Owning a gun safe also means that you can protect your firearms from possible theft. In case your residence has been broken into, burglars will not be able to steal your guns if they have been secured in gun safes.

Thieves place high value on firearms, and at the worst, may use your guns against you if you have not secured it in a legally-compliant gun safe.

You may also keep other valuable items in home safes Perth to keep everything secure.

Keeping Guns Away from Home Invaders

Most law-abiding gun owners fear the idea that a home intruder can cause damage with a firearm you own. You purchased a gun because you want to keep your loved ones safe. If someone uses that gun against you, this purpose has failed.

Our gun safes Perth ensures that you can stash your firearms securely while allowing only you to access it when needed. Having a bedside case ready also lets you get to your guns quickly and easily.

Making Your Gun Safely Accessible

Some of you may worry about not being able to access your guns immediately in case of a break-in.

With the modern gun safes in Perth that we provide, you can keep your firearms secured while providing hasty access when required. Some of our contemporary gun safes even allow you to access your firearms quickly in just a matter of seconds.

Is A Gun Safe Worth It?

If you want to keep your loved ones safe from home intruders and accidental discharge, then you want to make sure that you have a reliable gun safe to store your firearms.

Our gun safes in Perth are a long-term investment that can last you for many years. They are definitely worth the cost if you purchase one today.

Can Gun Safes Be Broken Into?

With enough time and the proper tools, any gun safe can be broken into by a persistent thief.

However, top-quality safes, such as the ones we offer, are going to take time to crack open. Our gun safes have been designed to protect firearms from theft and they incorporate anti-drill protection as well.

The additional welded lock strap behind the lock adds an extra safety feature against thieves.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our gun safes in Perth.

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New and Used Gun Safes: The Pros and Cons

gun safes perth

Every now and again, buying used or second hand items can result in better band for your buck – a used car with minimal kilometres or a used appliance that works as good as new are both great finds.

However, does the same benefit really apply when it comes to purchasing used gun safes?

At Askwith Safe Company, we’re passionate about helping our clients to find the best new and used gun safes, so we’ve pulled together some pros and cons of investing in both a brand new safe and a used gun safe.  

New Gun Safes

There’s an almost childlike excitement that comes with buying brand new items for your home, and a new safe is no exception.

Pro: Newer, High-Tech Security Features

Generally speaking, the newer the item, the more up-to-date it is technologically. This might mean that the base model of the brand new item has better specifications and tech features than the equivalent older model.

If you’re into your tech features or don’t want to settle for older security methods – like the simple yet effective lock and key or combination lock – a new safe could be the answer for you.

Pro: Peace of Mind + Warranty

When you make a purchase a new gun safe direct from a store, you know exactly what you’re getting, as the safe shouldn’t have any known defaults.

With a brand new gun safe, you know that it hasn’t been tampered with or damaged in any way.

Newer safes are also more reliable, and you know that if anything did happen to your safe, you should be covered by warranty.

Pro: Customisation

Newer safes may be more customisable, which might be suitable for your usage; you may choose to add on lockable compartments or drawers inside the safe for extra protection.

If you really wanted to go all out, you could also have it completely custom-made to your needs.

Con: Higher Costs

The first potential con of buying a brand new safe is the higher cost. A new safe will cost you more upfront and will likely cost you more in insurance premiums to have it insured.

Con: Value Depreciation

Just like the immediate depreciation of a vehicle as soon as it leaves the showroom, new gun safes also lose their value as soon as they leave the store.

In addition, gun safes don’t remain ‘new’ forever, so you need to be prepared that the new gun safe will become an ‘old’ gun safe in a few short years.

Used Gun Safes

At Askwith Safe Company, we sell a range of second hand safes, including used gun safes. Some of our clients prefer to purchase used gun safes for their home, so it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this

Pro: Lower Up-Front Costs

A major benefit of purchasing a used gun safe is that you will spend less money up front; you might be able to find a used gun safe that is a fairly recent model, but comes in at a considerably lower price because it’s ‘used’.

Pro: Lower Insurance Costs

The lower price tag and ‘used’ status on a pre-owned gun safe often results in lower insurance premiums and costs, saving you even more money! 

Pro: Reliability

This might sound a little odd – how can a used gun safe be reliable?

Customers often opt for a used gun safe because it’s effectively been tried and tested by someone prior to them. With the used safes we sell at Askwith Safe Company, we ensure they work correctly and meet our strict standards before we sell them onto you.

Con: Limited Warranty Returns Policy

Unlike a new safe, used gun safes don’t come with the same level of warranty or returns policy. This means that if you do experience any issues, you may need to pay for them out of pocket.

Con: Previous Issues and Alterations

Unless a considerable service or repair history has been kept by the previous owner of a gun safe, it can be difficult to know 100 per cent whether the safe has had notable issues or alterations made to it.

When purchasing a used safe, this information is key because it helps to identify whether the safe operates as per its original manufacturer’s specifications or if it has had any features added on or taken away.

Choose Askwith Safe Company for Used Gun Safes

Buying a new or used gun safe can be a great investment, but it is important to understand the difference between both new and used versions before you start your search.

At Askwith Safe Company, we have a wide range of high quality safes for all your needs, including new and used gun safes.

Don’t trust anyone else with the safety of your valuables – contact our team at Askwith Safe Company today to browse our range of safes Perth or find out more information.