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How Safe Are Your Valuables When You Keep Them in a Safe?


Do we really need a security safe at home or at the office?

One of our basic needs is to safeguard our valuables and prized possessions. The number of times we have wondered if it is really necessary: is it safe to keep my jewellery, passports or money at home? Will my kids be in danger of accidentally shooting themselves if I purchase myself a licensed gun as a hobby or for work? Will I get bankrupt if a fire starts by any chance at home or in my office?

The requirement for a secure safe appeared quickly ever since humans discovered silver, gold and other valuable possessions. Up until 1820 they were a deterrent against theft, however beginning in the 1840s they were designed, by using so-called Wilder technology, to protect against fire. The theft-proof safe was first patented in 1835 by Chubb Safes (they are currently producing safes for nearly 200 years).

There is a well-established industry behind safes. They are generally made of metal, are created to be fire resistant and are using high tech electronic devices, laser-cut doors and memory encryption capabilities. Among the world’s reliable security companies is Askwith Safes. They offer high quality at competitive rates and in more than 20 years of being on the market they have stayed devoted to the founder’s beliefs: cost, development and quality.

Types of Security Safes

Safes generally have two main categories – these are known as Homes Safes or Commercial safes – and can be categorized in 3 main types:

1) Burglar Proof Safes

They offer security versus theft, however really little versus fire. Generally, they have solid metal walls and a heavy door resistant to a drilling, cutting or prying attack. Hardened resistant metals are frequently used to decrease attempts to break into this safe.

2) Fire Proof Safes

Generally they are made of a thin metal double wall and have a fire-resistant insulating material between the walls. They have a minimum level of security since they are designed to safeguard (particularly papers) against fire. They need to preserve an internal temperature of below 200 degrees C (the point at which documents will be ruined). The safes supply the fire security for either 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. There are “Data Safes” which maintain less than 52 degrees C (the point at which information media is ruined) and also secure against high humidity, electromagnetic contamination, and so on

3) Fire/ Burglar Proof Safes

They are normally multi-purpose safes and provide great protection both versus thefts and fire. They are developed like a burglary safe but have a secondary wall inside, which includes insulation (the product that assists in keeping a low-temperature level).

Normally home safes are used to deter theft or in the case of an accidental property fire. We tend to store many personal belongings, wills, property deeds, contracts, insurance policies and other important documents in your home. In this instance, a fire or a burglar proof safe are needed and will be located in the floor or in the walls.

The wall safes require a special framing and it is better to place them as low as possible due to the fact that, in the event of a fire, the temperature is lower at ground level. They are very practical for those people who value their possessions but do not want to keep them in a bank or safety deposit box. These types of safes are simple to install and easy for access. They do not require any unique adjustments of the interior or the style of the house when installing.

When you are on a budget to buy a high-end safe it is much better to keep in mind about burglar proof safes! They do not look like the common steel safe and, although they have no protection versus fire, they can discourage a prospective robber, who hasn’t got the time to search the entire home.

Likewise, let us not forget the gun safe which is the most reliable way of preventing a tragic accident at home! Although it will cost extra in comparison to any normal budget safe, it’s much better to keep in mind that we ought to prevent the dangers by keeping the guns secure and safe.

When buying a safe we need to think of the location and accessibility of the unit. The range and kind of safe you can get for your budget and how it is ranked in terms of cash rating. Work with one of our consultants at Askwith safes today to discuss the best solution that suits your lifestyle and can safeguard your house/office from damage or other external threats. When all these are at stake, safes are the next finest alternative.

Fire Safes are usually made out of a special fire-resistant solid barrier material: 50mm body and 66mm door thicknesses and have a fireproof insulating product in between the walls. The safes offer a good fire defence for either 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

For a more in-depth look at our product specifications, contact us at Askwith Safe and our experience safe consultants will be there to strategise and guide you through every step of the way.