Askwith Safe Company offers a wide range of new and second-hand safes for all needs and spaces. Our range of safes cover different duties – from domestic and commercial to data and record protection.

We are the sole distributor of Chubb Safes in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. They are known for their robustness, reliability and modern designs that incorporate technological innovations. We are also the only company that distributes Mutual, Rhino, IronGuard and Protect-All safes Australia wide.

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  • Commercial Safes

    Commercial Safes (37)

    In need of a deposit container, cube safe or vault door for commercial use? Let our range of secure commercial safes meet your needs right away.

  • Data & Document Safes/Cabinets

    Data & Document Safes/Cabinets (4)

    Keen to keep your paperwork in pristine condition? Finding your next data or document safe here, equipped with fire protection and a high capacity for organised storage.

  • Deposit Safes

    Deposit Safes (12)

    Our safety deposit safes come with a built-in slot to ensure the easy drop-off or cheques, change or other small items. Browse our range for sale here.

  • Drug & Pharmaceutical Safes

    Drug & Pharmaceutical Safes (8)

    From Ironguard drug safes and GEMHS vault safes to Rhino MKIII safes, we have the perfect safe to keep any drugs or medications safely stored away.

  • Gun safes

    Gun safes (7)

    Why not keep your firearms under lock and key to ensure their safe protection? To browse our available gun safes for sale, click here.

  • Home & Office Safes

    Home & Office Safes (32)

    Some of the high quality home and office sales that we carry include Protect-All Safes, Duoguard and Cube Safe. View all safe products here!

  • Key Cabinet & Cash Tins

    Key Cabinet & Cash Tins (2)

    Do you need to store your keys or cash in an untouched place? Both secure and easy to use, our key cabinets and cash tins will do just the trick!

  • Second Hand Safes & Filing Cabinets / Refurbished

    Second Hand Safes & Filing Cabinets / Refurbished (25)

    Shop our range of second hand safes for a fantastic deal, with safes stocked from reputable names such as Chubbsafes and CMI Safe.

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers (13)