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Askwith Safe’s Guide to Buying a Home or Office Safe


Much like how you would keep your home under lock and key, your prized valuables are no exception. As such, having a durable safe in your home or office can be the best protective measure to ensure all your belongings remain in the right place you left them.

For those who aren’t convinced, read on!

Why do I need a safe for home or office use?

It can often be easy to overlook the need to own a safe until the unfortunate happens. That’s why we believe prevention is the best cure.

Some of the functional advantages of a home or office safe Perth include:

  • Preventing Theft – In the event of a break-in, the immediate sight of a sturdy safe can ward off burglars. Plus, the impenetrable structure of a safe is sure to deter anyone who dares to pry.
  • Storing Important Documents – From passports and birth certificates to deeds, your most vital documents deserve a safe home. Rest assured knowing that they’re being kept in the security of a safe. You never know when you might face a situation or emergency which requires you to supply original paperwork.
  • Keeping Cash and Jewellery – Enjoy finer things in life? To make sure that you can continue holding on to possessions of high value, it’s wise to do everything in your power to keep them in a safe place. That’s where a home and office safes come in handy.
  • Keeping Medication Away – By storing your medication away properly, you can ensure that they don’t land in the wrong hands. This way, children, pets or adults who may have dementia (or some form of mental impairment) will be unable to access them.
  • Safeguarding Sentimental Items – Have a set of archival photographs or perhaps a family heirloom you’re saving to hand down to the next generation? Your very own safe will guarantee its precious storage for the years to come.
  • Protection from Natural Disasters – On top of protecting your valuables from being stolen, home and office safes offer the ultimate protection from natural disasters.. In the event of a natural disaster, you’ll be relieved to know your safe will brave the elements with its fire or water resistance.

How do I decide what kind of safe to buy for home or office use?

Now that you’re keen to invest in a safe, it’s crucial for you to look at the various factors that determine what type of safe you should buy.

When looking for office safes or home safes for sale, you may want to consider the following:

  • The level of protection required – While the straightforward purpose of a safe is to safeguard your belongings, it’s essential for you to evaluate the type of items you intend to store. This will give you a better idea of the best safe to buy to protect your belongings. For example, you might want to opt for a fire resistant safe as opposed to theft-resistant safe to specifically protect your paper documents.
  • The ideal size for your safe – Always keep in mind that the dimensions of your safe can vary both outside and inside. With that said, it may be wise to allow for extra capacity – say, up to 50% more room for valuables you might wish to store in the future. Once you purchase your first safe, you’ll come to realise how handy they are for home and office use!
  • Your overall budget – The good news is that Askwith Safe Company stocks an affordable range of home and office safes for sale at all price points. You can rest assured knowing that you’re getting great value for money with the safe of your choice.

Still left wondering what the ideal safe is for you? For real expert advice, speak to our team by dialling (08) 9451 7848 or emailing us on!

Who is a reliable supplier of home and office safes in Perth?

Ready to take the step towards purchasing your next home or office safe? As Perth’s trusted safe specialists, Askwith Safe Company knows best!

With a wide range of home and office safes for sale, we can effortlessly supply you with a safe that is tailored to your needs. To speak to a member of our team, get in touch with us here.

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WA Medicine Storage Regulations


What is medication safety?

Medication safety is a key government health initiative to support clinicians safely prescribe, dispense and administer appropriate medicines and empower patients to take control of their medication management. This is undertaken to ensure patients are being given the correct medicines and to improve the safety and quality of medication use in Australia. Medication safety also includes ensuring drugs are being properly handled and stored.

Askwith Safe Company is your go to safe company in Perth. Need medical safes speak to our team.

Why invest in a drug safe?

The National Safety and Quality Health Service has provided guidelines to make sure patients receive a high level of care from health service organisations (such as hospitals and pharmacies). To do this, these health services must ensure they are storing and handling medicine, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The NSQHS requires health services to establish appropriate oversight and storage systems and keep medicines safe and inaccessible from the public.

Safes are one of the most secure ways to improve medication safety in hospitals, pharmacies and doctor’s surgeries. Installing a safe is your best way at decreasing the likelihood of stock going missing and practising medication safety. A drug and pharmaceutical safe is an ideal way to ensure only people with access to the safe can access the medicines. It also minimises theft of medicine by an employee and by the public.

Drugs used in anaesthesia have been recognised by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists as a target for diversion or abuse. This means it is vital for medication safety that these drugs are kept in a drug safe to ensure secure storage. The ANZCA also states that any drugs with “abuse potential” should be stored in a locked environment.

Other drugs which have been recognised by Australian laws as having higher potential for abuse can be found in Schedule 8, under the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. These include morphine and pethidine. These drugs must be securely stored at all times and when not in immediate use, locked away in a compliant drug safe.

Where to buy drug safes in Perth?

Askwith Safe Company have four drug safes: The Drug Cabinet, the IronGuard Drug Safe, the GEMHS Vault and the Rhino MKIII Safe. The Drug Cabinet is suitable for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies to store prescription drugs. This cabinet sits on the wall and can come with three, four or five shelves, depending on the size you require. The IronGuard Drug Safe meets regulatory requirements for storage of Schedule 8 drugs. The GEMHS Vault safe is fire resistant for 60 minutes and features adjustable shelves. The Rhino MK11 Safe is secured against thieves and protected against fire. Drug safes Perth company Askwith, has the highest quality safes and with over 20 years in the industry, you know you can rely on their safes to meet regulatory standards for your medicines.

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How to Keep Your Valuables Safe and Secure at Home


Behind every door of every home, precious possessions and valuables sit on shelves, in handbags and sometimes, yes, even under pillows! So we thought it’s time to make it harder for thieves to steal our treasured belongings with some solid advice on home security.

Security Doors and Windows

Security screens for windows and doors are wonderfully strong protection. They also serve as a visual deterrent. Just be sure to have them made out of strong aluminium or steel and installed into a sturdy door frame.

Steel bars are also a great anti-theft solution. Invest in quality steel. The cheaper the steel, the thinner the metal and the more susceptible it is to impact. Also, don’t leave easy-to-pilfer valuables within arm’s reach of the opening!

Invest in a Safe

First thing to note is that no home safe in Perth, even the high calibre safes from Askwith Safes, can guarantee 100% protection but when installed professionally, they can be the last reliable line of defence after locks and alarms have been breached.

To protect paper documents like wills, property deeds and certificates, a fire-proof home safe is the most secure safe. Every fire-proof home safe has a rating based on how long it takes for the paper inside to combust. Ratings start at about one hour and go up from there.

If it’s cash, jewellery and paper that need protecting, we strongly recommend you step up from a fire-proof home safe to a combined cash/fire-rated safe. This will protect from fires as well as theft with a variety of wall thicknesses and lock combinations.

Picking the Right Safe

To make sure you’re buying the most secure safe in Perth:

  1. Know the fire-rating. This will depend on the documents you’re securing, where you live and the value of the documents you’re trying to protect.
  2. Know the safe’s cash rating. Remember, this is all about the thickness of the walls and door, the types of locks installed and how hard it is to remove your safe from its hidey hole.
  3. Storage for today and the future. Look at the safe that can store the items you have now and then shift up to the next size. You’ll thank us in 10 years’ time!
  4. Permanently fixed or portable? Permanent safes are bolted down. Portables are to be carried but make sure it can be carried in an emergency.
  5. Key or combination lock? Some people love keys for their simplicity. Others love a set of numbers. You decide what will be easiest to use in an emergency.
  6. It’s budget vs need. It’s possibly better to make the list of stored items smaller to get the most secure safe you can afford.

Find Fireproof Home Safes in Perth

So there you have it –Askwith Safes’ very own security tick list. We stock the best range of fire-proof home safes in Perth. We cover the entire security process from sales to installation, repairs and relocation too.

You make the choice, we’ll make it safe, so please call Askwith Safes today for more information.

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Why You Should Consider Creating A Custom Safe For Your Business

data protection safe

It’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation when you need a business or executive safe. Quite often the sheer volume of items demands a customised safe be installed.

So whether you’re a pharmaceutical company looking for drug safes in Perth, a firearms dealer or an executive with a sizeable Rolex collection, a little more thought (and quite often steel) is required to keep your valuables where they belong.

Exact Size and Specifications

Exterior and interior dimensions both share equal importance in a drug, jewellery or executive safe. The outside of the safe could fit your space perfectly but if the thickness of the walls isn’t properly considered, there won’t be enough internal space for the items you built it for!

An experienced safe builder like Askwith Safes creates a fortress that fits your exact needs. We’ve been asked to fill voids of all shapes and sizes. Unique dimensions, heights and volumes are all manageable.

Custom Functionality

Just as every business operates in its own individual way, business owners have particular expectations in a custom safe too. Perhaps you require lockable shelving within the safe so that only the owner or pharmacist can access certain items. Maybe dual access is required – at the front of house and the back office. The absolute beauty of Askwith Safe custom builds is every type of safe functionality or unique quirk is possible.

Enhanced Security

Installing a safe in a Perth business can mean many hands need access, but not to all things inside it. That’s where your safe can be multi-faceted in its security. Not only could you include a combination of key, dial and/or digital lock, you can ensure there is an individual entry code for separate sections and employees. We can even set up access to an audit so you can see who is opening your safe and when.


When you look at the time it takes to design and build a custom safe, InstaVault is ground-breaking – a comparatively quick solution with the protection might of Chubb behind it.

You get the choice of three security levels of panel thickness in a modular vault design. Installed by an Askwith expert, the steel panels lock together and can be adjusted, disassembled and reassembled as your needs change. It’s still a customised safe, with true flexibility and outstanding protection for high-value bulk assets.

Craft Custom Safes in Perth

A customised safe equals the ultimate in personalised protection. You have total control over the level of security, the size and shape of your safe and storage layout.

Askwith Safes is dedicated to precision safe design and building. We’re serious about keeping drugs safe in Perth and committed to ensuring an executive safe is fortified. We cover the entire security process from sales to installation, repairs and relocation. You make the choice, we’ll make it safe, so please call Askwith Safes today for more information.

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Why Storing Sensitive Documents Securely Is Important


What a modern, tech-savvy world we live in now. Strange thing is with every step we take to be more secure, the more threats there are to losing the documents and digital media that we hold most dear.

That’s our cue to investigate the most up-to-date home and office safes in Perth, with tips on how to stay ‘Askwith safe’.

Personal: Passports, Wills and Important Documents

To get ahead of the game (and the fire, the flood or, God forbid, a break-in) it pays to do some exploration now.

As experts in delivering document safes around Australia, some clients identify their passport as the number one security concern. Wills and power of attorney documents are a close second but what about your passwords? Many people keep a secretive list and it’s not just for financial institutions either, so let’s put that up high on the protection list too. Then there are data-laden hard drives that if lost would ruin your business.

Paper documents can be saved in a document fire safe but you need to step up the fire protection to save sensitive electronic media like a hard drive or film. It’s a whole new level of safe again when securing against burglary. That involves a safe that’s bolted down and with a more intensive lock system.

Understand your needs because the time you spend researching now will be far, far less than the months spent replacing lost documents or agonising over data that is gone forever.

Commercial: Records and Data Could Be Accessed During a Leak

Beware the false confidence thinking your security is safely locked away in your computer. Company data breaches and hacker attacks occur frequently so consider installing an office safe in your Perth business.

We recommend backing up your files onto two external drives. Store one off site with someone you can trust and store the other in a data-media fire safe. In the event of a data breach or fire, your stored back-up is intact and you’ll be up and running in hours.

The Importance of Fireproof Safes

It’s the type of ‘insurance’ that instantly pays you back. Fire safes come in all shapes and sizes with document fire safes starting at a 30-minute fire rating. As a fire is shown to move through a building rather than stay still, that’s a good start.

A data-media fire safe keeps temperatures inside the safe below 45C. A document fire safe can go as high as 175C internally. The thickness of the walls is the key so do some research and don’t skimp on depth.

Find Quality Document Safes in Australia

There’s nothing that can guarantee you won’t be robbed, hacked or fire ravaged but what a sense of relief every home or business owner has had opening up their safe after an event to find every document and piece of media good to use.

Askwith Safes is committed to ensuring that every office safe in Perth we supply is secure. We deliver document safes around Australia too.

We’re ready help you make the move into superior document and data security today. You make the choice, we make it safe.

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Choosing a Home Safe: What to Look Out For

Choosing a Home Safe: What to Look Out For

There are more home safes in Perth than you might imagine. Chances are, your neighbour has one tucked away for the peace of mind a small home safe provides past the front door.

So now that you’re thinking about installing one, what’s the right level of security for a home safe? Where on earth do you put it? And who has the best home safes for sale in Perth?

Safety and Security

No matter how safe a bank is said to be, many people want their cash close at hand – under the mattress or in the kid’s sock drawer – which will be the first and second place a thief looks!

Dependable home security for cash comes from you doing your research and matching the cash you wish to stash in a safe with a good ‘cash rating’. This is an industry measurement showing the amount of money a safe can adequately secure from theft.

To measure a safe’s cash security, a cash rating considers the:

  • strength of the walls and door
  • sophistication of the locking mechanism
  • difficulty in removing the safe from its bolted location

The higher the cash rating, the more secure a small home safe is – but not from fire, that’s another level of protection again.

Fire Rating

It’s not always about securing your valuables from intruders. Sometimes it’s keeping them safe from accidents or when Mother Nature loses her cool. Safes have varying fire ratings which provide a quick evaluation of their resistance to direct flame without the contents burning.

Askwith Safes has safe cabinets that protect from fire for as long as 120 minutes. Other safe’s have a combined cash/fire rating. Here again, research is the key, or a quick call to our showrooms in Perth or Adelaide can help.

Portable or Permanent

Portable safe security is ideal for a small amount of documents, coins, jewellery and cash. It’s designed to be moved but is ideally safer the less it’s moved around. One major consideration when sizing up a portable safe is: who can carry it in case of an emergency?

Permanent safes require professional installation where the safe is bolted to the floor or into a wall. They’re best out of sight, possibly in an unusual location but one that is still easily accessible.

Combination or Key

Many small home safes these days are opened with a digital combination. Some still offer mechanical dials that you turn. For additional security, you can have a combined digital code and a key, but be careful – a key can be spotted by ne’er-do-wells or lost/found if you hide it around the house.

Shop for Quality Safes in Perth

By size, a home safe is a small inclusion to a home but for peace of mind, it lifts a massive weight from the shoulders of a home owner. Especially when you have the best range of home safes in Perth laid out in front of you at Askwith Safes. Our home safes for sale cover five major brands, all offering the ultimate security. We cover the entire security process from sales to installation, repairs and relocation too. You make the choice, we make it safe. So please, call Askwith Safes today for more information.

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Keep Your Valuables Secure with Reliable Safe Servicing and Maintenance


You did it. You were wise and invested in the strongest safe for your home or business. Whether a new or second-hand safe, from the moment it was installed, you slept and worked better, knowing you had outstanding on-site security.

But what about its maintenance? It does need a service – once every few years is the industry standard. So if you have a safe in Perth and can’t recall when it was last serviced, or it’s just not functioning smoothly, here’s what you do.

Fast Repairs

Life seems perfect until your safe won’t open. Then all hell breaks loose as you realise you need help, and fast! You need a crack team who can rush in and defuse a make-or-break scenario. You need a document pronto or perhaps a burglary has taken place where the strongest of safes withstood repeated assaults and now needs lightning fast restoration?

At these times, all you care about is:

  • A fast response time
  • A solid, uncompromising repair

With this in mind, here’s the golden rule – have a trusted expert team of locksmiths on standby. That means a team with the ability to crack your safe code, or break in with the least amount of damage. An expert safe repairer has a bag of tools specific to the job so there’s none of this staring at it for 15 minutes and then calling on someone else to help out.

A locked safe that can’t be opened by its owner is frustrating at best – disastrous at worst. How about you opt for smart by keeping the name of a trusted safe repair company close at hand for quick call outs and equally fast safe repairs.

Regular Maintenance

If industry experts had a dollar for every time a client asks, “Why did it have to happen now?” they’d need a massive safe to stash the money! Whether it’s a car, your coffee maker or any new or second-hand safe in Perth, choose not to maintain it and it’ll eventually break down.

With a safe, it’s never a good time to stop working. A specialist company who maintains safes in Perth can put a program together to head off future problems. They can update your old safe’s doors and quality check and certify for insurance purposes too.

Ongoing Support

A secure and functional safe only mirrors the team that services it. That means dependable, ongoing support from a crew like our own hand-picked experts at Askwith Safes. Working for more than two decades in the safe industry, we know our dials from our digital and key combos. No lock-out is too small or too big.

Maintain the Quality of Your Safe in Perth

Allow Askwith Safes to head up your safe’s service and maintenance regime and you will see less faults and repairs. We specialise in new and second-hand safes in Perth. You’ll have the strongest safe that will open and shut at your command like the solid steel sentry you invested in on day one.

You make the choice, we make it safe. Call Askwith Safes today for more information.

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How to Get a Great Deal on a Refurbished Safe


To any astute buyer, purchasing a refurbished item means an immediate saving of money on something that works perfectly well again. But does the same go for a refurbished safe?

Yes, it does. A new safe can set you back thousands, so why not be canny with your purchase and buy a good refurbished one instead? Here’s how.

Set Your Budget

Sure, you can only afford to spend what you actually have in the bank, but… knowledge is power and the better you understand the difference in price for a new and a used safe, the easier you can decide how much you need to spend on the likes of a used jewellery safe that will pay you back when fire or fiends strike.

Identify Your Requirements

Was it the neighbour’s smoker barbeque that prompted the thought of a fire safe? Perhaps a spate of local retail burglaries has jolted you into seeking a refurbished commercial safe? Before you buy, make a list of what you want a restored safe for.

Is it to protect against fire? Good home safes start with around 30 minutes of fire protection but it’s not just the time you need to consider. What are you storing in your safe? Paper documents can withstand a more intense heat compared to tape recordings and slides. Computer discs and DVDs are more sensitive again. This is where you would need a thicker walled safe. Check the outer case of the safe for this information.

Other requirements may include the level of security against theft, accessibility around the home or office and for whom, and even portability. Do you wish to take the safe with you in the event of an emergency and if yes, how big do you want it so that when a threat is imminent, the weakest person in the office can carry it?

Shop Around

Sure, get to know what’s out there in the marketplace but like any area of life, some people think they can do something and others are certified professionals. Don’t risk your purchase, and your valuables, on a chance that it might be okay. For reliable, sure-fire security of your possessions, go with Askwith Safes – providers of secure used jewellery safes and commercial safes in Perth and Australia-wide.

We understand the minute mechanics of safes so that when refurbishment time comes around, the correct tools and parts are used to ensure it’s restored to its former defensive glory.

Our range of second-hand safes don’t go up for sale on our website until they’re able to lock tight and stay tight.

Find Used Home, Commercial and Jewellery Safes in Perth

A refurbished safe can be just as impregnable as a new one, and for much less outlay too. All you need to do is set your budget, know your criteria for getting a safe and go with a trusted refurbisher.

Sounds like you need to give Askwith Safes a call. We’re ready when you are with a range of used jewellery safes and commercial safes second to no-one in Perth. Give us a call today.

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Two Reasons Why a Locksmith Is the First Person to Call After You Settle on Your New Home

It is an exciting time to be a first-time home buyer in the Western Australian market because the government pays up to $10,000 towards the purchase as part of the First Home Owner Grant scheme. Now that you have found the home of your dreams and are impatiently waiting for the settlement to take place, your mind has likely turned to moving day. As well as organising a moving truck, you need to call your local locksmith, and there are two good reasons why.

Someone Else May Have Keys to Your Home

During the 2015-2016 financial year, there were 28,489 residential burglaries compared to 10,078 non-dwelling burglaries. Burglaries are often an opportunistic crime, and having keys to your home land in the wrong hands certainly lends itself to opportunity.

When you take ownership of your home, you know it has been previously lived in. But how many new owners consider whether the previous owners were honest? Are you 100% confident there are no other keys to your front door floating around in the hands of someone who is waiting for you to go out? Does your new neighbour have a key? If the home was previously rented, are you 100% sure the tenant didn’t make a key copy and give it to their mate?

There is only one way you can be 100% guaranteed you and your family members are the only people who have a key to your home, and that way is to get the locks changed on move-in day. You don’t want the thrill of owning your first home to be marred by disappointment when your home is broken into just days after moving in.

Someone May Be Watching Your Trash Piles

Many young couples moving into their first home go on a little spending spree and purchase new furniture and electronics for the house. They may go shopping because the existing furnishings doesn’t match the new decor or perhaps there is no better way to celebrate than to put a large, shiny new TV up on the wall.

However, there are less-than-honest people who notice things like new television boxes sitting at the kerb on trash day, and this box is a big beacon advertising you now have something worth taking in your home. Microwaves, blenders and other kitchen appliances all have boxes to be disposed of. Anything small enough to be grabbed and carried can quickly be removed from your home and either sold at the markets or pawned for some quick cash.

How Can Locksmiths Help You

When organising a locksmith to change the locks on your home, choose one who also offers home security systems. Discuss what you want to protect and where the house is vulnerable. It is not necessary to buy an elaborate security system to protect your belongings. One study performed by a UK company exposed that even a simple home security system is enough to send a burglar elsewhere. Once again, burglars are looking for quick opportunities, and a security system can hinder their efforts for a quick getaway.

When you get ready to move into your home, book a locksmith to meet you there once you have officially settled on the property. This measure is the only way to give you the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Change the locks, install a security system and then enjoy moving all your old and new belongings in the protected home of your dreams.

If you’d like to speak with a locksmithing professional, contact the experts at Askwith Company. We’ll provide you with the answers you seek so you can feel comfortable in your home.