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5 Features Every Safe Should Have

features of home safes to look for

When choosing a safe, you must do your research so you can make an informed decision. Safes come in various models and make, so it’s normal to get confused. Our goal with this blog is to make it easier for you to find reliable safes in Perth.

Top 5 Features That You Would Want In Your Security Safe

1. A Secure Lock

Strongest safes usually have a robust locking system that keeps the valuables safely out of reach of home intruders. You can opt for a safe with a manual combination lock or a digital lock. Some modern and reliable safes in Perth even have biometric locks, which makes them extremely secure, as only you can open them with your fingerprints.

Sometimes even good locks fail when robbers are determined enough, which is why relockers are essential! A relocker is a fail-safe that engages if the lock is defeated. As soon as the lock is destroyed, the relocker kicks in to keep the safe locked. So, even if the thieves remove the lock, the bars or bolts won’t disengage, and your valuables will remain safe.

2. Fireproof

It’s a good idea to have layers of fireboard on the walls, flooring, doors, and ceiling of the safe to make it fireproof. If a fire starts in your home, a fireproof security safe can protect your valuables from damage.

3. Alarm Systems

Not all safes have alarms, but they are helpful to make any safe the strongest safe. Having an alarm that sounds when someone tries to access the safe can alert you about an intruder. When you receive this alert, you have the opportunity to deal with the situation by calling the police.

Newer, more reliable safes in Perth have alert systems that send notifications about intrusions to your mobile devices.

4. Organising Panels

Safes with organising panels gives you a place to put all your valuables. The quality of a safe is more than just determined by its durability. You must take usability into account.

Ensure the safe’s interior has enough space to hold all the items you intend to store inside. It is best to choose a safe with an adjustable interior, and you will be able to adjust it according to your valuables.

Some security safes have movable internal panels that you can shift around to make compartments that suit your specific needs.

5. Protective Capabilities On Multiple Fronts

In conventional safe designs, locking bolts are only on the door opposite the hinges. In newer, more sophisticated security safes, bolts are positioned at the top and bottom, protecting against pry attacks. There should also be bolts on the hinge side of the design, protecting it as well. The more sides you have with bolts or bars, the better your protection.


Many new safe designs include a dehumidifier, a great additional feature you can look for. Especially if you live in a particularly humid region, a dehumidifier can prevent your valuables from wilting or rusting, keeping them functional.

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