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Choosing a Home Safe: What to Look Out For

Choosing a Home Safe: What to Look Out For

There are more home safes in Perth than you might imagine. Chances are, your neighbour has one tucked away for the peace of mind a small home safe provides past the front door.

So now that you’re thinking about installing one, what’s the right level of security for a home safe? Where on earth do you put it? And who has the best home safes for sale in Perth?

Safety and Security

No matter how safe a bank is said to be, many people want their cash close at hand – under the mattress or in the kid’s sock drawer – which will be the first and second place a thief looks!

Dependable home security for cash comes from you doing your research and matching the cash you wish to stash in a safe with a good ‘cash rating’. This is an industry measurement showing the amount of money a safe can adequately secure from theft.

To measure a safe’s cash security, a cash rating considers the:

  • strength of the walls and door
  • sophistication of the locking mechanism
  • difficulty in removing the safe from its bolted location

The higher the cash rating, the more secure a small home safe is – but not from fire, that’s another level of protection again.

Fire Rating

It’s not always about securing your valuables from intruders. Sometimes it’s keeping them safe from accidents or when Mother Nature loses her cool. Safes have varying fire ratings which provide a quick evaluation of their resistance to direct flame without the contents burning.

Askwith Safes has safe cabinets that protect from fire for as long as 120 minutes. Other safe’s have a combined cash/fire rating. Here again, research is the key, or a quick call to our showrooms in Perth or Adelaide can help.

Portable or Permanent

Portable safe security is ideal for a small amount of documents, coins, jewellery and cash. It’s designed to be moved but is ideally safer the less it’s moved around. One major consideration when sizing up a portable safe is: who can carry it in case of an emergency?

Permanent safes require professional installation where the safe is bolted to the floor or into a wall. They’re best out of sight, possibly in an unusual location but one that is still easily accessible.

Combination or Key

Many small home safes these days are opened with a digital combination. Some still offer mechanical dials that you turn. For additional security, you can have a combined digital code and a key, but be careful – a key can be spotted by ne’er-do-wells or lost/found if you hide it around the house.

Shop for Quality Safes in Perth

By size, a home safe is a small inclusion to a home but for peace of mind, it lifts a massive weight from the shoulders of a home owner. Especially when you have the best range of home safes in Perth laid out in front of you at Askwith Safes. Our home safes for sale cover five major brands, all offering the ultimate security. We cover the entire security process from sales to installation, repairs and relocation too. You make the choice, we make it safe. So please, call Askwith Safes today for more information.

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