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How to Choose a Good Quality Retail Store Safe


If just once in your lifetime a secure retail store safe proved the difference between peaceful sleep and months of nightmares, you’d be forever grateful. Well get ready to sleep a whole lot easier by following Askwith Safe’s golden rules for buying a good quality safe in Perth.


Rule 1: Define what your store safe’s purpose is.

What are you protecting and from what? Commercial property deeds? Cash? Every safe is built differently to protect against various threats, so know what’s going inside it and whether you’re protecting it from burglary, fire or internal threats.

Next, where is the safe is to be located, and we don’t mean on a shelf or freely sitting under a table! If it’s not bolted down, it’s not a proper functioning safe. It could be best under the floor, in a cupboard or in a wall if it’s a drop box.

Functionality also means room to grow. Look at the amount of items you want to store in your safe and then shift up to the next size. You’ll thank us in 10 years’ time!

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Security of your Retail Store Safe

Rule 2: The security level of your safe must match the importance and value of your items.

Paper burns. Cash and jewellery generate more intent to steal. The security of the items within your safe could be compromised if you don’t choose the strongest safe now.

Some cheap hardware store safes have lasted just minutes in successful cash robberies, so to secure tens of thousands of dollars, you’ll need a quality built safe. If you’re about locking away the keys to the forklift and petty cash, spending less may be an option.

When opening your safe, there are a number of secure options. Time delay locks, like the ones used in banks, are a perfect solution when storing large amounts of cash. Other locking combinations can be digital, mechanical dial and dual key and combo locks.

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Rule 3: Make the safe easy to operate and access.

How easy is it to get to your safe? A safe in the floor may restrict you when reconfiguring an office. Think about height restrictions, safety in accessing and privacy. You don’t want unwanted attention if you’re openly visiting a safe a number of times a day.


Rule 4: Make maintenance simple and cost effective.

Everything with moving parts needs a service. Maintain your safe and chances are you’ll bequeath it to your grandchildren.

A safe needs a check-up every five years or so. If something is not working as it should, promise you’ll call us straight away. Promise! If you struggle with a faulty safe, history tells us that we’ll be struggling to break into your faulty, beautifully locked safe instead of servicing an open door. Promise?

Find Quality Retail Store Safes in Perth

So you have some valuables. You know where they’re to be locked up and who’ll have access to them. Now let us get cracking on the security. At Askwith Safes, you can choose between five leading safe manufacturers, all with ultimate protection for documents, precious jewellery, cash and anything else you hold valuable.

Quite simply, we have the strongest safes in Perth for the most secure of jobs. A call today will make a safer tomorrow.