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How to Get a Great Deal on a Refurbished Safe


To any astute buyer, purchasing a refurbished item means an immediate saving of money on something that works perfectly well again. But does the same go for a refurbished safe?

Yes, it does. A new safe can set you back thousands, so why not be canny with your purchase and buy a good refurbished one instead? Here’s how.

Set Your Budget

Sure, you can only afford to spend what you actually have in the bank, but… knowledge is power and the better you understand the difference in price for a new safe and a used safe, the easier you can decide how much you need to spend on the likes of a used jewellery safe that will pay you back when fire or fiends strike.

Identify Your Requirements

Was it the neighbour’s smoker barbeque that prompted the thought of a fire safe? Perhaps a spate of local retail burglaries has jolted you into seeking a refurbished commercial safe? Before you buy, make a list of what you want a restored safe for.

Is it to protect against fire? Good home safes start with around 30 minutes of fire protection but it’s not just the time you need to consider. What are you storing in your safe? Paper documents can withstand a more intense heat compared to tape recordings and slides. Computer discs and DVDs are more sensitive again. This is where you would need a thicker walled safe. Check the outer case of the safe for this information.

Other requirements may include the level of security against theft, accessibility around the home or office and for whom, and even portability. Do you wish to take the safe with you in the event of an emergency and if yes, how big do you want it so that when a threat is imminent, the weakest person in the office can carry it?

Shop Around

Sure, get to know what’s out there in the marketplace but like any area of life, some people think they can do something and others are certified professionals. Don’t risk your purchase, and your valuables, on a chance that it might be okay. For reliable, sure-fire security of your possessions, go with Askwith Safes – providers of secure used jewellery safes and commercial safes in Perth and Australia-wide. (Also Read: Choosing a Home Safe: What To Look Out For)

We understand the minute mechanics of safes so that when refurbishment time comes around, the correct tools and parts are used to ensure it’s restored to its former defensive glory.

Our range of second-hand safes don’t go up for sale on our website until they’re able to lock tight and stay tight.

Find Used Home, Commercial and Jewellery Safes in Perth

A refurbished safe can be just as impregnable as a new one, and for much less outlay too. All you need to do is set your budget, know your criteria for getting a safe and go with a trusted refurbisher.

Sounds like you need to give Askwith Safes a call. We’re ready when you are with a range of used jewellery safes and commercial safes second to no-one in Perth. Give us a call today.