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How To Improve Commercial Security


How Commercial Safe Can Help Your Business

What do you know about commercial safes? Your livelihood depends on your business, so you need to ensure you are taking every reasonable step to keep not only the premises of your business secure but also your valuables, data and records safe. A commercial safe is a valuable and important investment for you and your business. It provides a secure place to keep your valuables and safes do not only guard against theft, but also fire. However, as different types of safes boast different features and specifications, it’s important to pick the best commercial safe for your needs and to do this you will need to consider what you will keep in your safe.

Fire and thief protected

Safes in Perth need to come equipped with various features, and because of this they will need to be built differently. Some safes will be protected against fire and others protected against thieves. A fire-resistant safe is designed to stop the fire from affecting the contents inside the safe, however they generally have little theft resistance.

Whereas theft resistant safes are designed to protect the contents of the safe from being stolen. There are also safes which have both features to protect your business’ valuables from thieves and the elements. (Also Read: What You Need to Know About Fire-Resistant Safes)

Cash Rating

When researching which safe will be most suited to your business, you will come across a rating called a cash rating. This rating tells you the safe’s level of security and how much cash an insurer will cover, when it’s kept in the safe.

Types of commercial safes

There are three main types of commercial safes. These are cash-handling safes, media/data safes and storage safes.

Cash-handling safe

Cash-handling safes are made for cash-handling purposes. Askwith Safe Company offers a wide range of cash-handling safes, some which are small enough to sit on a table (Deposit Container) and others which can stand alone and boast combined fire and theft protection with a $100,000 Cash Rating (Europa GIII).

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Media/data safe

Media/ data safes are used to protect computer files, film and photos. However, as these types of files and valuables are now often kept in an offsite facility, this type of commercial safe is not as common as it used to be, however media/data safes are still available from the trusted Askwith Safe Company. (Also Read: Achieve Data Security Today with a Reliable Data Protection Safe)

Storage safe

Storage safes are deigned from basic steel construction and will have varying fire and theft deterrent ratings, depending on what you want to store in your commercial safe. However, most safes would have a fire rating of up to two hours.

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