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How to Keep Your Valuables Safe and Secure at Home


Behind every door of every home, precious possessions and valuables sit on shelves, in handbags and sometimes, yes, even under pillows! So we thought it’s time to make it harder for thieves to steal our treasured belongings with some solid advice on home security.

Security Doors and Windows

Security screens for windows and doors are wonderfully strong protection. They also serve as a visual deterrent. Just be sure to have them made out of strong aluminium or steel and installed into a sturdy door frame.

Steel bars are also a great anti-theft solution. Invest in quality steel. The cheaper the steel, the thinner the metal and the more susceptible it is to impact. Also, don’t leave easy-to-pilfer valuables within arm’s reach of the opening!

Invest in a Safe

First thing to note is that no home safe in Perth, even the high calibre safes from Askwith Safes, can guarantee 100% protection but when safes are installed professionally, they can be the last reliable line of defence after locks and alarms have been breached.

To protect paper documents like wills, property deeds and certificates, a fire-proof home safe is the most secure safe. Every fire-proof home safe has a rating based on how long it takes for the paper inside to combust. Ratings start at about one hour and go up from there.

If it’s cash, jewellery and paper that need protecting, we strongly recommend you step up from a fire-proof home safe to a combined cash/fire-rated safe. This will protect from fires as well as theft with a variety of wall thicknesses and lock combinations.

Picking the Right Safe

To make sure you’re buying the most secure safe in Perth:

  1. Know the fire-rating. This will depend on the documents you’re securing, where you live and the value of the documents you’re trying to protect.
  2. Know the safe’s cash rating. Remember, this is all about the thickness of the walls and door, the types of locks installed and how hard it is to remove your safe from its hidey hole.
  3. Storage for today and the future. Look at the safe that can store the items you have now and then shift up to the next size. You’ll thank us in 10 years’ time!
  4. Permanently fixed or portable? Permanent safes are bolted down. Portables are to be carried but make sure it can be carried in an emergency.
  5. Key or combination lock? Some people love keys for their simplicity. Others love a set of numbers. You decide what will be easiest to use in an emergency.
  6. It’s budget vs need. It’s possibly better to make the list of stored items smaller to get the most secure safe you can afford.

Find Fireproof Home Safes in Perth

So there you have it –Askwith Safes’ very own security tick list. We stock the best range of fire-proof home safes in Perth. We cover the entire security process from sales to safe installation, repairs and relocation too.

You make the choice, we’ll make it safe, so please call Askwith Safes today for more information.