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How To Safely Store Guns


How to be a responsible gun owner

As a gun owner in Australia, you need to understand what laws and regulations apply to your gun/s. Under the Firearms Regulations 1974 firearms and ammunition must be stored in a locked cabinet or container that is made of mild steel that is 2 mm thick and extremely secure so as to ensure no firearm or ammunition can be removed while the cabinet/container is locked. The door on the cabinet/container must be internally supported and the hinging mechanisms must be designed in a way that even if a hinge was removed, the cabinet/container would stay locked. This cabinet/container must also be securely anchored from the inside to two separate surfaces. It is suggested that the gun in the safe is kept unloaded.

If you are considering applying for a Firearms Licence, you should know an applicant is required to submit a statement detailing their proposed storage keeping facilities to the WA Police and this statement is to be included as part of the application. Included with the statement must be supporting evidence that the cabinet/container has been installed such as a receipt or a photograph of the cabinet, showing the anchoring points.

It is also suggested that the position of the cabinets/container holding the firearm is kept in a discrete location. In Australia, the specifications for the cabinet/container where your gun/s are stored are extremely specific. To see these specifications, refer to Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulations 1974 ActNon-compliance with these laws and regulations can lead to the police seizing your firearms. Therefore, it is important you do your research before buying a safe to make sure you are buying a top-rated gun safe which complies with the laws.

Why is proper gun storage important?

Proper gun storage is important as children should not be able to access your guns. Children are extremely curious and do not understand how dangerous guns are, so not storing your gun properly could lead to a very dangerous situation. It is also important to have secure gun storage to stop anyone accessing your gun/s as someone in a poor mental state can behave unpredictably and use your gun on themselves or others.  Keeping it in a safe also stops thieves from accessing your gun to either use it or sell it.  Gun safes are also useful for protecting against natural disasters. Not to mention, these types of safes can also be used for other valuable possessions such as birth certificates, jewellery and money. (Also Read: Get A Gun Safe)

Where to buy gun safes in Perth

Askwith Safe Company is the most trusted safe company in Perth. They provide a large variety of safes nationwide and two types of top-rated gun safes: The Pistol Safe and the Protect-All Gun Safe. The Pistol Safe is small enough to be stored in a discrete place such as wardrobe. The Protect-All Gun Safe is a large safe which stands alone. It can resist hand and mechanical attack and features an electronic lock. These two top gun safes are strong and secure and will keep you, your family and your guns safe.