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Keep Your Valuables Secure with Reliable Safe Servicing and Maintenance


You did it. You were wise and invested in the strongest safe for your home or business. Whether a new or second-hand safe, from the moment it was installed, you slept and worked better, knowing you had outstanding on-site security.

But what about its maintenance? It does need a service – once every few years is the industry standard. So if you have a safe in Perth and can’t recall when it was last serviced, or it’s just not functioning smoothly, here’s what you do.

Fast Repairs

Life seems perfect until your safe won’t open. Then all hell breaks loose as you realise you need help, and fast! You need a crack team who can rush in and defuse a make-or-break scenario. You need a document pronto or perhaps a burglary has taken place where the strongest of safes withstood repeated assaults and now needs lightning fast restoration?

At these times, all you care about is:

  • A fast response time
  • A solid, uncompromising repair

With this in mind, here’s the golden rule – have a trusted expert team of locksmiths on standby. That means a team with the ability to crack your safe code, or break in with the least amount of damage. An expert safe repairer has a bag of tools specific to the job so there’s none of this staring at it for 15 minutes and then calling on someone else to help out.

A locked safe that can’t be opened by its owner is frustrating at best – disastrous at worst. How about you opt for smart by keeping the name of a trusted safe repair company close at hand for quick call outs and equally fast safe repairs.

Regular Maintenance

If industry experts had a dollar for every time a client asks, “Why did it have to happen now?” they’d need a massive safe to stash the money! Whether it’s a car, your coffee maker or any new or second-hand safe in Perth, choose not to maintain it and it’ll eventually break down.

With a safe, it’s never a good time to stop working. A specialist company who maintains safes in Perth can put a program together to head off future problems. They can update your old safe’s doors and quality check and certify for insurance purposes too.

Ongoing Support

A secure and functional safe only mirrors the team that services it. That means dependable, ongoing support from a crew like our own hand-picked experts at Askwith Safes. Working for more than two decades in the safe industry, we know our dials from our digital and key combos. No lock-out is too small or too big.

Maintain the Quality of Your Safe in Perth

Allow Askwith Safes to head up your safe’s service and maintenance regime and you will see less faults and repairs. We specialise in new and second-hand safes in Perth. You’ll have the strongest safe that will open and shut at your command like the solid steel sentry you invested in on day one.

You make the choice, we make it safe. Call Askwith Safes today for more information.