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Retail Safety Tips: When an Employee Leaves


When an employee leaves your company or store, either on good or bad terms, there are a number of processes you need to follow to make it a smooth transition for both you, the ex-employee and the other employees still working.

One of the most important parts of this process is ensuring the security of the store is not compromised.

As an employee of yours, retail store employees become privy to some pretty important information, such as security codes, the location of the retail store safe and the codes associated with it.

In order to maintain the security of your store, it is important to follow these three simple steps each time an employee leaves your store.

1. Make Sure They Give Their Key Back

While some retail stores may simply have security codes to access the store, others rely on a lock and key system for access. If this is the case, each employee is generally given their own copy of the access key to the store.

However, you should ensure that these keys are “no copy” keys so that they cannot be replicated and so you are aware of exactly who has access to the store.

When an employee leaves, make them aware that is a requirement that their key is returned before they finish their final shift. In the case that an employee claims to have ‘lost’ their key, you should contact a locksmith immediately to change the locks on the store.

2. Change or Remove Security Codes & Logins

As painful as it may be to change your stores security codes and logins with each employee who leaves, it is an important step to take. These codes give an employee, and anyone they share the codes with, access to your store, to money and to priceless information within your retail store.

Some important codes to change include:

  • codes to the alarm system
  • codes to the door (if it is a coded door)
  • any other systems you use, or logins to your systems – such as computers, POS systems etc.

These codes should be changed as soon as the employee has completed their last shift with your store to ensure they cannot gain any further access.

3. Change the Retail Store Safe Code

If the employee had a role that handled cash and required access to the safe, it is vital to change or remove the retail store safe code they were given. It is also important to find out whether they had created a separate code to the retail store safe.

To be sure that access to the retail store safe remains secure, it may be worthwhile changing the master store code each time someone with access leaves your store.

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When an employee leaves, there is much more to do than to just provide a reference or to ask them to hand back a uniform; the security of your store and the safety of your employees should be a paramount concern.

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