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WA Medicine Storage Regulations


What is medication safety?

Medication safety is a key government health initiative to support clinicians safely prescribe, dispense and administer appropriate medicines and empower patients to take control of their medication management. This is undertaken to ensure patients are being given the correct medicines and to improve the safety and quality of medication use in Australia. Medication safety also includes ensuring drugs are being properly handled and stored.

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Why invest in a drug safe?

The National Safety and Quality Health Service has provided guidelines to make sure patients receive a high level of care from health service organisations (such as hospitals and pharmacies). To do this, these health services must ensure they are storing and handling medicine, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The NSQHS requires health services to establish appropriate oversight and storage systems and keep medicines safe and inaccessible from the public.

Safes are one of the most secure ways to improve medication safety in hospitals, pharmacies and doctor’s surgeries. Installing a safe is your best way at decreasing the likelihood of stock going missing and practising medication safety. A drug and pharmaceutical safe is an ideal way to ensure only people with access to the safe can access the medicines. It also minimises theft of medicine by an employee and by the public.

Drugs used in anaesthesia have been recognised by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists as a target for diversion or abuse. This means it is vital for medication safety that these drugs are kept in a drug safe to ensure secure storage. The ANZCA also states that any drugs with “abuse potential” should be stored in a locked environment.

Other drugs which have been recognised by Australian laws as having higher potential for abuse can be found in Schedule 8, under the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. These include morphine and pethidine. These drugs must be securely stored at all times and when not in immediate use, locked away in a compliant drug safe.

Where to buy drug safes in Perth?

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