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What to Look for When Buying Fireproof Safes in Australia


While people may fear the threat of burglary to important documents, items, cash and other valuables, the extreme weather Australia has recently experienced is reminder enough that mother nature can completely damage all these valuables and more in a matter of moments too.

A durable fireproof wall safe or fireproof floor safe is an important and worthwhile investment to ensure your valuables are protected from opportunistic thieves, from accidental damage and from mother nature herself.

We know a thing or two about buying safes in Perth.

Read on to find out the important qualities to consider when buying your new fireproof wall or floor safe.

Ability to Resist Extreme Temperatures

Did you know that house fires reach an average temperature of around 600°C? Depending on the accelerants in the fire and other factors, some fires may even be hotter than this.

As such, when you are looking for a fireproof wall safe, Askwith Safe Company recommends you look for a safe that is heat resistant to at least 843°C.

Internal Temperature Rating

It is important to review the internal temperature ratings on any fireproof wall safe that you enquire about to ensure it is appropriate for the various items you plan to store in it.

While the outside of your safe may be highly heat resistant, the documents and other valuables inside may not be adequately protected, causing them to combust when the heat becomes to extreme. So even if you opt for a safe with a high temperature rating, the inside of the safe may not have sufficient insulation and protection against those extreme temperatures.

Knowing what items you will be storing in the safe is key to making a choice, as items such as documents may withstand more external heat than hard drives or other digital media.

Industry Ratings

There are other ratings you can refer to in order to find the most suitable safe for you. These ratings are provided through various industry bodies and include ratings such as the amount of time a safe can withstand fire exposure, the type of explosion a safe can survive and the level of impact stress it can endure.

Time ratings generally start at 30 minutes and may extend up to 120 minutes or more. The team at Askwith Safe Company recommend opting for a safe with at least 60 minute fire rating.


From one extreme to another, it is also important that you choose a fireproof floor safe or wall safe that is waterproof in case of flooding or other water damage.

All homes and businesses should be aware of their flood risk, especially because 1.3 million Australian homes have a flood risk rating!

The level of water protection you need will depend strongly on the area that you live in; if you live in an area with a high flood risk, it makes sense to invest in a safe that has a high water protection rating.

Cash Rating

A cash rating refers to the general security of the safe in a burglary-type situation. Safes that have a cash rating have undergone testing, where they have been broken into under specific conditions and are marked on their resistance to the break in.

Factors that are assessed as part of cash ratings include:

  • What materials the safe is made from
  • What barrier materials have been used to reinforce the door and walls on the safe
  • The quality of the locking mechanism and the type & quantity of the locks on the safe
  • The type of re-locking devices used to prevent forced entry.

If you are hoping to store valuable jewellery, cash and important documents in your safe, you should look to purchase a safe with a higher cash rating ie. $50,000 – $500,000 depending on your circumstances.

Reliable Fireproof Wall Safes in Perth and Adelaide

Don’t leave the protection of your valuables to chance – trust the team at Askwith Safe Company to help you find the right fireproof wall safe or floor safe for your needs.

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