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Why Storing Sensitive Documents Securely Is Important


What a modern, tech-savvy world we live in now. Strange thing is with every step we take to be more secure, the more threats there are to losing the documents and digital media that we hold most dear.

That’s our cue to investigate the most up-to-date home and office safes in Perth, with tips on how to stay ‘Askwith safe’.

Personal: Passports, Wills and Important Documents

To get ahead of the game (and the fire, the flood or, God forbid, a break-in) it pays to do some exploration now.

As experts in delivering document safes around Australia, some clients identify their passport as the number one security concern. Wills and power of attorney documents are a close second but what about your passwords? Many people keep a secretive list and it’s not just for financial institutions either, so let’s put that up high on the protection list too. Then there are data-laden hard drives that if lost would ruin your business.

Paper documents can be saved in a document fire safe but you need to step up the fire protection to save sensitive electronic media like a hard drive or film. It’s a whole new level of safe again when securing against burglary. That involves a safe that’s bolted down and with a more intensive lock system.

Understand your needs because the time you spend researching now will be far, far less than the months spent replacing lost documents or agonising over data that is gone forever. (Also Read: Guide to Buying a Home or Office Safe)

Commercial: Records and Data Could Be Accessed During a Leak

Beware the false confidence thinking your security is safely locked away in your computer. Company data breaches and hacker attacks occur frequently so consider installing an office safe in your Perth business.

We recommend backing up your files onto two external drives. Store one off site with someone you can trust and store the other in a data-media fire safe. In the event of a data breach or fire, your stored back-up is intact and you’ll be up and running in hours.

The Importance of Fireproof Safes

It’s the type of ‘insurance’ that instantly pays you back. Fire safes come in all shapes and sizes with document fire safes starting at a 30-minute fire rating. As a fire is shown to move through a building rather than stay still, that’s a good start.

A data-media fire safe keeps temperatures inside the safe below 45C. A document fire safe can go as high as 175C internally. The thickness of the walls is the key so do some research and don’t skimp on depth.

Find Quality Document Safes in Australia

There’s nothing that can guarantee you won’t be robbed, hacked or fire ravaged but what a sense of relief every home or business owner has had opening up their safe after an event to find every document and piece of media good to use.

Askwith Safes is committed to ensuring that every office safe in Perth we supply is secure. We deliver document safes around Australia too.

We’re ready help you make the move into superior document and data security today. You make the choice, we make it safe.